Conde Nast Plans To Reach Carbon Neutrality By 2030

Conde Nast has tweaked its sustainability plan and aims to reach carbon neutrality by 2030. 

This will be done by “reducing our emissions and offsetting when reduction is not possible,” the publisher says on its website. “We will also work closely with our suppliers to ensure a reduction of emissions across our supply chain while simultaneously reducing our corporate emissions by 20%.”  

This is part of an ongoing leadership program for Conde Nast. Its key actions include (we quote): 

  • Conduct ongoing GHG data monitoring and preliminary reduction target-setting 
  • Conduct a GHG assessment every two years 
  • Transition to energy efficiency programs and green electricity purchase
  • Optimize the use of virtual meeting infrastructure 

Next, Conde Nast will revise its procurement approach and encourage suppliers to align with the company’s sustainability objectives, champion industry-led initiatives to foster supply chain transformation, and encourage its licensees to adopt environmental best practices.



Third, the company plans to use more sustainable materials and improve “the sustainability credentials of materials we use in our production process, ensuring we consider and adopt high-performing alternative materials while encourage licensee to adopt similar standards.” 

Specifically, Conde Nast will take the following actions (again, we quote):

  • Conduct annual comprehensive material audits
  • Ensure 100% of paper used is internationally certified 
  • Progress our commitment to eliminate all non-recyclable, fossil-based packaging materials.
  • Launch a global employee council for sustainability to champion  
  • Publish Conde Nast’s GHG emissions results and Five-Year Sustainability Strategy
  • Roll out sustainability policies and employee trainings
  • Continue to support institutional partnerships for multi-stakeholder collaborations, such as the UN, World Economic Forum and the Ellen MacArthur Foundations. 

Finally, the company will “continue to monitor, adapt and improve the way we operate as a business to meet our environmental ambitions and inspire our audiences, peers and employees to take positive climate action.”



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