Gannett Expands Print Workflow Partnership With ProImage

Gannett expects to have all its print sites utilize the NewsWayX cloud production workflow system from ProImage in the near future, building on a 20-year partnership.

The publisher has already implemented the system in 10 print locations and will add others in the coming months. 

Gannett seeks to streamline its technology and support to press locations by having the NewsWayX system deliver plate-ready TIFFs directly to local PCs which drive their CTP imagesetters.

Staffers with an account have visibility to track pages in real-time, including the handoff of the final page-paired TIFF to a CTP device at any of their locations.

Gannett had valuable discussions about who would receive specific user access and how to handle incoming and outgoing commercial print work and where to separate global processes and interfaces from tenant (site) level processing Gannett says. 



Another key feature of  NewsWayX is the Cortex Resource (CRS) for securely communicating and efficiently transferring content from the cloud environment to a local device. 

NewsWayX provides a multitenant architecture--each individual environment has its own security, permissions and privileges, Gannett says. 

“The biggest impact is with the edition planning module, which automatically builds the print edition from a feed from Gannett’s enterprise layout system — eliminating what is now a manual step at many of our print sites,” says Mark Panorese, senior director of application services at Gannett.


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