Ericsson Emodo New CRO Dives Into AI, Audience ID-less Targeting

Ericsson’s subsidiary Emodo has a new CRO to support the company’s focus on immersive dynamic creative experiences. Many include artificial intelligence (AI).

Digital advertising industry veteran Andrew Rutledge joined the company in July to drive strategy, adoption and evolution of Emodo’s platform and media solutions for publishers, agencies, brands and marketplace partners.

The Global Partnerships Organization comprises three sales teams: Demand Solutions: driving marketplace adoption for buyers leveraging geo-contextual and predictive audiences and dynamic creative formats, Marketplace Development: establishing and scaling direct publisher and DSP partner relationships, and Enterprise: developing the rest of world GTM strategy and strategic SaaS partnerships.

Rutledge brings more than 20 years of executive leadership experience at some of the most iconic ad tech marketplace platforms that defined the landscape such as DoubleClick-Google, PubMatic, Yieldex, and AppNexus-Xandr. 

Most recently, he served as the senior vice president, publisher sales and platform partnerships at Xandr, which Microsoft acquired and recently renamed. There he oversaw a global team across U.S. and EMEA.

When asked to cite the missing piece in the ad industry, Rutledge said “the ad-tech industry is saturated and competitive, and some companies claim to have a certain capability or expertise such as AI. It is a small, underdeveloped piece of their business.

He believes the industry needs genuine and transparent partners that understand the difficulties and where they occur of clients. Then they must build toward fixing those solutions.

“As cookies are set to disappear, there is a need for true innovation in areas like identity solutions to solve targeting limitations, and creative formats to solve for attention and ad effectiveness,” he said.

Emodo has innovated through many types of technology, including leveraging AI. The company plans to focus on improving its audience and ID-less targeting capabilities to optimize dynamic creative formats against performance KPIs, and to improve and verify our supply offerings.

“AI truly underpins many of our current solutions and offerings and is exactly where we’re continuing to focus and innovate,” Rutledge said.

Rutledge called Emodo “small and nimble,” but has the luxury of being backed by a Fortune 500 company, Ericsson. The culture relies on innovation, as well as integrity.

“It’s a huge part of what drew me to the role,” he said.

Emodo is solving industry challenges such as ID deprecation through innovative approaches to audience targeting, including world-class predictive and geo-contextual audiences among its portfolio. It has also committed to native formats.

Last year, the company launched Emodo Adapt. Rutledge described it as “a richer and smarter native format that leverages AI-powered dynamic creative optimization against advertiser KPIs. Adapt has grown since its launch, and there is a roadmap of new formats and further innovations in Adapt coming in the later part of the year. 


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