'Donnie, I Always Knew You'd Blow It'


As you probably know, Donald Trump owes a heaping pile of cash to the State of New York ($354 million) and E. Jean Carroll ($83 million) as the result of losing fraud and libel suits.   

What would Trump’s father, Fred Trump, who died 30 years ago, think about his son blowing the family fortune that he worked so hard to build up?   



Well, the Lincoln Project created an ad using artificial intelligence to bring Fred back to life. The headline of this column gives you a pretty good idea of the LP’s take on what he would think.  

In the ad Daddy Trump gives “Donnie” a verbal thumping, basically calling him a big loser and pretty darn dumb to boot. “You couldn’t even make money off a casino, you fuck-up,” he scolds at one point.   

“How did a son of mine turn out to be so dumb?” Fred wonders.  

The ad ends with the elder Trump scowling, “I may have lost my mind,” a reference to his suffering from Alzheimer’s disease late in life, “but I never lost my business.” 

A graphic and voiceover following Fred's last words note that the LP relied heavily on AI to create the spot.  

See the full ad here.  

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