KFC Adds Finger-Lickin'-Good Saucy Nuggets, Apple Pie Poppers


Yet another chicken finger food has arrived on the fast-food scene.

KFC today announced the launch of its Saucy Nuggets, available nationwide beginning next week.

These are 100% white-meat, hand-breaded nuggets, which KFC introduced last year, but now available sauced in five different flavors. The sauces are: Honey Sriracha, a sweet-hot  blend of red chili peppers, garlic and honey; Korean BBQ, weet and savory umami sauce with soy sauce, garlic, sugar and sesame; the Sticky Chicky, which includies pineapple, garlic, vinegar and chili; the Nashville Hot; and lastly the Georgia Gold, which is a honey-mustard style BBQ sauce made with vinegar, honey and savory seasoning.

"KFC has never been so finger-lickin' good -- literally," said Nick Chavez, CMO KFC U.S. in a release. "We've entered the sauce chat.”



Beginning April 1, customers can purchase a 10-piece meal of Saucy Nuggets for $5.99. KFC customers can also receive a free 10-piece Saucy Nuggets when they spend $10 or more on a KFC.com or KFC app purchase for a limited time.

The chicken chain has also added a new dessert to the menu with Apple Pie Poppers. Four of the bite-sized sweets are available for $2.49.

Both the Saucy Nuggets and new Apple Pie Poppers can be ordered ahead through the KFC app to pick up at KFCs Quick Pick-Up shelf in store. Rewards members can also now redeem 500 points for a 10-piece Saucy Nugget order.


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