Report: Retailers To Open 94,000 New Stores By '11

  • March 22, 2007
America's leading retailers will open more than 94,000 new store locations over the next five years, according to Nielsen Trade Dimensions' 2007 Retail Tenant Directory, released yesterday.

Per the study, 5,400 active U.S. retailers are planning those new locations over the next five years. The study also says fast-food restaurants will open more than 13,000 new locations, with women's apparel second at about half that number. Nearly 6,100 new fast-casual restaurants will open, while just more than 6,000 new coffee/juice bars will open.

The restaurant category (which includes all restaurant chains not classified as fast food or fast casual) is fifth, with 5,800 new restaurant chain locations by 2011.

--Karl Greenberg



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