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High Recall For i-am TV

About 70% of the audience in bars where i-am TV operates watch the network's extreme sports programming, while two-thirds recall seeing ads and one-third remember specific brands, according to Arbitron research commissioned by the channel.

"We designed our programming specifically for young adult viewers in a bar environment," says Todd Martin, CEO of Denver-based i-am TV. "Three out of four viewers interviewed said our extreme sports programming was interesting to them. Nearly half said they would like to see more screens featuring i-am TV in the bar.

"The net targets the 21-34 audience and delivers shows about things like parachuting, bicycling and bullfighting to sports, neighborhood and college bars. Three quarters of its viewers are between the ages of 21 and 34 and have college degrees, while nearly half have household incomes of $75,000 or up, Arbitron found. Almost one-fifth crack the $100,000 income level and 43% describe themselves as early adopters of new products, compared with a U.S. average of 26%.



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