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Jay Suhr

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  • SVP, Creative Director T3
  • 1806 Rio Grande
  • Austin Texas
  • 78701 USA

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  • Media Marketplace: A Mob of Meerkats in Media Magazine on 01/06/2010

    Instead of behaving like a mob of meerkats, nervously scanning the post-recession landscape for the next scary thing to send us scurrying into our holes, it's time to bring the strategy and impact back to media. The best place to start isn't just spending more, but spending more intelligently, thinking of media as a user experience. (And not just flow charts and efficiencies.)

  • Relative Mobility in Media Magazine on 12/04/2009

    I left my iphone in the cab." it was both the panic in our usually stoic analytics director and the scramble to locate the phone that said everything. Mobile phones are not just devices, they are 24/7/365 lifelines. (BTW: Phone was recovered and returned by a NYC taxi company. Thanks.)

  • Media Marketplace: Social Without the Media in Media Magazine on 07/14/2009

    From a historical perspective, we all know that this year will be a landmark one for business.What we don't know is just how transformative it will be for business, communications and marketing. This month, Jeffrey Dachis joins the forum. As cofounder of Razorfish, his expansive thinking helped shape the first build of the digital communications landscape.

  • Media Marketplace: Social Studies in Media Magazine on 01/02/2009

    The resounding success of President-Elect Barack Obama's grassroots campaign is a powerful example that proves why social media must remain part of your media mix this year. In fact, your use of and spending in social media should continue to grow - just focus on utility and not application doohickeys.

  • Media Marketplace: Slaying the Beast in Media Magazine on 11/03/2008

    This is the fourth big economic downturn I've experienced in my career. The S&L crisis, the 1987 stock market crash, the 2000 dot-com bust and today's lingering subprime crisis all offer hard lessons on how to do more than just cope - instead, how to creatively shift thinking to meet the economic challenges.

  • Media Marketplace: Communities of Activists in Media Magazine on 10/02/2008

    "Can you give me a referral?" Asked, searched and answered millions of times a day, this simple question slips past our multimillion-dollar marketing budgets, customer personas, targeted media plans, clever virals and message platforms to reach for human truth: "I trust your opinion. What do you think?"

  • Media Marketplace: Measures of Sanity  in Media Magazine on 06/23/2008

    Good luck getting through an article or conference on digital media without the assembled masses crying, "How are we going to measure it?" While budgets continue to pour into online media, metrics need to expand to assess the true impact.

  • Media Marketplace: A Bear of an Idea in Media Magazine on 04/15/2008

    Stop me if you've heard this one: A client and a creative director walk into a bar - actually, they get on the phone (without an account person lurking on mute) and talk through what's in and out, including multiscreen campaigns, conventional e-mail marketing and annual planning.

  • Media Marketplace: Out With the Old in Media Magazine on 01/31/2008

    Media is at a crossroads. So are we going to just keep staring down the roads ahead or actually do something? It's time to think bigger and take action. This month, two opinionated voices look at strategy, IPTV and the fate of newspapers.

  • MarketPlace: Digi Darlings and Dogs in Media Magazine on 12/31/2007

    Where should the smart money go in today's über-cluttered digital landscape? With so many options, hype and pressure for ROI, marketers can freeze up in choosing where to invest in emerging media and technology. At the risk of choosing wrong, they wait - a risk in itself.

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