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  • The NFL And CBS Set to Take Over Thursdays in Marketing: Sports on 09/02/2014

    The 2014 NFL season officially begins this week with a Thursday night broadcast on NBC - the Sunday Night Football network. However, after that on Thursday nights other networks will take over - first CBS and then the NFL Network. This has become one of the more interesting offseason moves, at least on the media-side, that is, the look of NFL Thursday night football this season.

  • Notre Dame And A Year To Remember  in Marketing: Sports on 12/04/2012

    As some of us are still trying to work off the Thanksgiving turkey, a very real thought has now crossed all of our minds: the holiday season is officially upon us. While this thought can strike fear and stress in many parents across the nation, for college football fans, it means that we are officially in "bowl season." This bowl season feels particularly different from past years, one with more optimism than ever before. When talking about college football, the BCS usually goes from a three-letter word to a four-letter word. However, this year everyone around college football is excited because the number-one ranked Fighting Irish of Notre Dame have earned their way into the BCS title game. The system (finally) worked!

  • College Football Is Back And Better Than Ever  in Marketing: Sports on 09/04/2012

    With the calendar turning to September, it is finally here - college football season. The fans aside, no one is more excited to have football back than the networks that deliver TV coverage. Perhaps the most exciting addition to college football is the rise of conference networks, which are still relatively new to the landscape. The Big Ten Network has seen great success thus far, since its creation in 2006 when it was the first cable start-up to receive 30 million subscribers in the first 30 days of existence (a good omen for the Pac-12 Network which launches this season). The Pac-12 has already taken this one step further with the development of the Pac-12 Digital Network, Pac-12Now, which will provide programming for PC's, iPads and mobile devices so that football fans on the go can stay connected.

  • Football -- The Teflon Sport  in Marketing: Sports on 09/06/2011

    After a summer filled with turmoil and controversy, college football is finally back in action. While schools like the University of Miami, Ohio State University, University of North Carolina and the University of Southern California still have consequences to deal with in regards to their football programs, it's not stopping anyone from being ecstatic about the 2011-12 college football season. People need to get their minds off of the economy, and college football is just what the doctor ordered.

  • Does Super Bowl Spending Equal Super Returns?  in Marketing: Sports on 02/01/2011

    Look for ads focused on the consumers and America, with a patriotic feel and/or "green" theme. But with a potential NFL lockout looming, maybe these companies think their Super Bowl ads are worth the price while pro football is still around.

  • Olympics -- Slapshot In The Arm For The Peacock Network?  in Marketing: Sports on 03/02/2010

    All in all, I think you would argue that these games have been a success and something that NBC desperately needed. So, with Vancouver now a fond memory, there are some questions facing the media world this morning.

  • Must-See: BCS National Championship Game  in Marketing: Sports on 01/05/2010

    The fact is the game is two days away, but where's the buzz? Why is it that with its increasing popularity, television ratings, great storylines and the championship matchup everybody wanted, why does it still seem like something is missing?

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