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  • Emerging Business Models Become The Norm in Marketing Daily on 01/09/2014

    This is a tale of two companies. One lets you watch things, and the other lets you see things. Both are uniquely positioned -- and successful -- because they came up with new, unique business models.

  • Users Not Customers in OMMA Magazine on 09/12/2011

    My wife loves seltzer water. I can't stand it, but she will hardly drink water if bubbles aren't in it. So I thought it'd be great to buy her a soda maker. One afternoon, I passed by a Williams-Sonoma store and decided to stop in. Lo and behold, they had one sitting on the shelf: a SodaStream Genesis drinks maker for $150. But it seemed expensive. I could buy her a pantry full of 150 bottles of premade seltzer for that price. So I decided to shop around.

  • What Marketers Can Learn From Startups  in Online Media Daily on 09/08/2010

    Five years ago, Facebook was new, YouTube had just launched and Twitter didn't exist. Now imagine, as a marketer, if you had gotten an early heads up that these platforms would become powerhouses. What if you were the first person to walk up to the CMO and say, "We should really be investing in consumer generated content and social networks." You'd be a hero. When you know what's coming up next, you can build campaigns that don't follow your consumers but are already at the destination when they get there.

  • Wireless Imagination* in Media Magazine on 09/07/2010

    Superconsumers will have hit their prime by 2020; indeed, they'll control the bulk of purchasing power in this country. What kind of world will they live in?

  • Email Needs Improvement, Not Google Voice or Wave  in Online Media Daily on 08/30/2010

    Those watching the Google Wave crash have posited that the communications platform failed because it was hard to use. But in the end, Google Wave, underneath the layers of document sharing, task tracking, meeting scheduling and wave making was a simple tool to improve communications between co-workers, friends and family. The trouble is there is already a king of the communications kingdom: email.

  • The Last thing You'll Ever Own in Online Media Daily on 08/10/2010

    Before my wife gave birth to our second son Benjamin, I spent a weekend reorganizing our home to make room for even more baby gear and toys. As I packed up boxes of old books, CDs circa 1996 and DVDs I'll never watch, it hit me. This is the last media I'll ever truly own.

  • The End of e-Readers in Online Media Daily on 07/23/2010

    Hardly a day goes by without something in the news about e-Readers. Last week, Amazon put a stake in the ground announcing that over the last three months, it sold 1.8 Kindle books for every hardcover it sold. The Wall Street Journal reported, in spite of the release of the iPad, Kindle sales accelerated in the second quarter and have tripled since its June price drop.

  • Facebook Fatigue in Online Media Daily on 07/19/2010

    People are leaving Facebook. Inside Facebook recently reported reputable statistics demonstrating a decline in the number of 18- to-44-year-old active users in the U.S. in June -- particularly 26- to-34-year-olds. And they don't think it's a hiccup. "In the years we've been tracking the demographic data, we've rarely seen a dip like this, so we would tend to favor the idea of a root cause." One reason for the behavior change: privacy. The blog explained, "The age groups that logged a loss in June is also the one most likely to have paid attention to the privacy debates."

  • Google's ITA Deal and Twitter's @earlybird Demonstrate A Threatening Trend in Online Media Daily on 07/13/2010

    At first glance, marketers might see Google's acquisition of ITA Software and Twitter's foray into e-commerce with Earlybird, as a good thing.

  • The Great Success Of Microsoft's Kin in Online Media Daily on 07/02/2010

    Last week, Microsoft killed its first phone product, Kin. Based on immediate media response, the phone will go down in Microsoft history as another colossal failure like Zune and Windows Vista.

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