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Seana Mulcahy

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A digital media consultancy specializing in building, stewarding & protecting brands online

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  • Digital Media 2008: From Reality To Realism in Online Media Daily on 01/13/2009

    Seems like no matter where you look--from blogs to the trades to headlines laden across business journals and newspapers--the past year

  • Don't Mess With The MIT in Online Spin on 08/25/2008

  • Girl Power in Online Spin on 08/20/2008

    Think about consumer decisions for a moment. Who do you think makes the bulk of them? Right, it's women. According to a recent American Marketing Association newsletter, the economic power of women is a whopping $3.7 trillion (USD) representing the greatest economic force the world has seen in the last decade.

  • Obamapalooza in Online Spin on 08/11/2008

    There is still a problem in the U.S. getting kids to vote. MTV (and its partners and affiliates) remains a media mainstay. However, there are many other media and communications options from the Web to instant messaging to texting to blogging and virtual worlds... the list goes on. The Obama campaign gets this.

  • School's Out; Shopping's In in Online Spin on 07/28/2008

    It seems all you read or hear about is high gas prices, looming fuel prices, talks of a potential recession. Well it sure as heck didn't look like that when I was driving up to brick-and-mortar shops to do some back-to-school shopping. Finding a parking space that isn't a mile-long schlep is a task in itself.

  • Toying Around With Virtual Worlds  in Online Spin on 07/14/2008

    Last week was like pea soup here in the suburbs of Boston. We had several days of the three H's: hazy, hot and humid. In other words, it goes from a palatable temperature to oppressive, unhealthy air. After work my son and I were visiting with my godson, who is 10. He was walking around in swim trunks, sitting close to the air conditioner register, clearly overheated. "Come on, we'll take you back to the house so you can swim," I said. "No, thanks, I'd rather just hang around and play my game on the computer," was his response

  • An Open Letter To Digital Media Buyers  in Online Spin on 07/07/2008

    This may not be the best week to ask for reader responses, since many in the U.S. are taking an extended holiday weekend. However, something's been on my mind. My intention is to take a lot of recent conversations that have come up and throw them out to those of you responsible for the buying of digital media. It doesn't matter if you are an assistant planner/buyer, the head of a global media group or a brand marketer. I'm hoping to hear from you. So here goes....

  • Who 'Owns' The Eyeball? in Online Spin on 06/30/2008

    In our world we are laden with industry jargon, much of which we poke fun at. I've written and joked about it before. Many agency folks have a little game called "media lingo bingo," where you count the number of times a word is brought up in a conference call, meeting, pitch, whatever -- words and phrases like: "out-of-the-box," "integration," "synergy," "viral"... the list goes on. One word I used to try and find a replacement for was "eyeballs." I admit, to people outside of our world, it does sound a bit creepy. However in our world it's a say-no-more kind of thing. Because of that, I don't think we need a replacement.

  • New Netiquette?  in Online Spin on 06/23/2008

    For years I have been writing about Netiquette. To me the best source is a book by Virginia Shea called "Netiquette" and a foreword by Guy Kawasaki. The book has a copyright that is 14 years old but sure does have a shelf life. So Ms. Shea (with whom I don't know), if I may...I'd like to share your fodder, expand on it and get our readers to think of the evolution of Netiquette.

  • Friends With Benes? in Online Spin on 06/16/2008

    Okay, get your mind out of the gutter. I'm talkin' virtual gifts here. My guess is that this audience might post negatively about them. However, I have seen many of you on Facebook, and seen that you have received virtual gifts. Maybe for your birthday or a promotion or the birth of a new child. You may be one of those who send or reciprocate anonymously. Me? I give and receive with full screen name.

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