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Glen Hartman

Member since January 2013Contact Glen

  • Global Managing Director- Digital Consulting Accenture
  • Boston Massachusetts
  • 02199 USA

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  • Creating A Living Business: Learn To Thrive On Change in Marketing Insider on 08/21/2018

    Companies should create a culture that values innovation to remain agile and ahead of the market.

  • Digitization: Disrupting And Defining All At Once in Marketing: CPG on 04/22/2015

    The digitization of the global consumer packaged goods (CPG) business is posing huge challenges for marketers. The most obvious is the scope of the change that lies ahead. More than half of C-level executives globally, for example, believe that digital will bring about significant change or complete transformation of their businesses, according to a CEO study we conducted. This will impact CPG companies as much as it is hitting other sectors, too.

  • Financial Considerations For CMOs In The Digital Age in Marketing Daily on 05/17/2013

    As CMOs begin to outline their financial planning strategies for the upcoming fiscal year, it is imperative that they consider the evolution of digital marketing and make the necessary adjustments so they can continue to meet their marketing objectives.

  • Resolution: Embrace Consumer Relevance in Marketing Daily on 01/21/2013

    As we enter 2013 and technologies and communications channels continue to evolve, it is imperative that brands embrace the new demands of today's empowered consumer -- relevant experiences at every touchpoint.

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