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Matthew Westover

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Matt is General Manager of Audience Suite at Turn, the marketing software and analytics platform.

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  • Here's How Smart Marketers Are Doing Cross-Device in Real-Time Daily on 01/22/2016

    Marketers of all stripes can learn a lot from brands getting great results from smart cross-device tactics.

  • Velocity: The Underused Metric  in Metrics Insider on 09/30/2014

    As marketers look to extract the most useful insight from their data to enhance targeting and campaign performance, there's an under-leveraged metric that they should consider: velocity. Recency and frequency have been important targeting levers for digital marketers for quite some time. Frequency is a good indication of general interest, and recency indicates that someone is in the buying cycle. But velocity goes one step farther, letting you drill down deeper to gauge the shifts in a prospect's interest level.

  • Marketers: Listen to the Data, Not your Gut in Real-Time Daily on 11/06/2013

    The question of "art vs. science" in advertising has finally largely been agreed on, with smart marketers leveraging both to execute great campaigns. But figuring out how to harmonize "gut instinct" and "data," subjective experience and empirical evidence, remains a nagging problem for marketers and agencies.

  • Marketers Must Measure their Data Footprint in Real-Time Daily on 09/26/2013

    Big data, small data and everything in between are the talk of marketing town these days, but many in the industry are missing the point when it comes to data management platforms (DMPs): size matters. Knowing the footprint has a dramatic impact not only on the DMP's ability to "activate" a marketer's audience, but it also demonstrates the accuracy of the analytics it produces. Activation of the DMP clients' audience is something we hear about pretty often. The most basic job of the DMP is to help marketers centralize their once-siloed data and shine a spotlight on consumer behavior across all digital channels. But that can be a big job, and, to put it plainly, the size of the DMP -- and its footprint -- matter enormously in terms of how effective it can be.

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