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Mahi de Silva

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As CEO of Opera Mediaworks, Mahi de Silva runs the world's largest mobile advertising platform powering the global mobile economy. Opera Mediaworks, a fully-owned subsidiary of Opera Software, serves more than 13,000 sites and applications, with more than 60 billion ad impressions per month reaching 400 million global consumers and processes more than $1 billion advertising dollars through the platform. Before joining Opera, Mahi was co-founder and CEO of AdMarvel, Inc., the global leader in mobile advertising platforms, acquired by Opera in 2010. Prior to AdMarvel, Mahi co-founded Frengo Corporation, a mobile social media platform. Mahi also spent 10 years at VeriSign, where he was part of the startup management team. From 2002 to 2006, he served as senior vice president and general manager of Wireless and Digital Content Services at VeriSign, where he built the world’s leading mobile messaging and mobile entertainment business with revenues exceeding $600M per year. Prior to VeriSign, he served in various technology leadership roles at Taligent, Apple and NCR Corporation.

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  • Adding Buzz, Boom And 3D Touch To Your Mobile Ads in Mobile Marketing Daily on 10/28/2015

    As a publisher, being able to augment your content with a custom series of vibrations is an exciting opportunity. For advertisers, syncing a haptic track to a rich media or video is another way to make the user feel more immersed in the ad experience.

  • 5 Ways iOS9 Will Boost Mobile Advertising - Not Hinder It in Mobile Marketing Daily on 09/14/2015

  • Iris Recognition For Greater Security And Trust in Mobile Marketing Daily on 08/07/2015

    Right now, most smartphones use either a password or fingerprint for authentication purposes -- but imagine being able to unlock your mobile device simply by looking at it, or authorizing a payment with a quick glance. This is what iris-scanning technology could bring to the mobile space, and it might happen faster than you think.

  • Modular Phone Experiment: How Marketers Can Take Advantage in Mobile Marketing Daily on 06/18/2015

    The mission of Project Ara is to supply six billion people with mobile devices that have interchangeable components -- kind of like a "DIY" smartphone that fits the user's exact needs.

  • The Modular Phone Experiment, And How Marketers Can Take Advantage in Mobile Marketing Daily on 06/11/2015

    While traditional phones cram as many parts as possible onto a single circuit board, or even a single chip, Project Ara is simply an endoskeleton -- a framework that allows the user to insert various modules that communicate with the main board and with each other via networking technology and wireless capacitive pads.

  • Can Your Phone Measure Emotion? in Mobile Insider on 04/09/2015

    The smartphone has become a control hub to emerging technologies, opening the door to the Internet of Things and setting the stage for a new wave of innovation. Between new device capabilities that mobile companies are racing to patent and produce and ever-evolving functionality within the phone itself, it can be hard to pinpoint which new technologies really matter for advertising. Here is one that caught our eye: emotion estimation.

  • When Tap, Swipe Becomes Wave, Nod  in Mobile Insider on 05/05/2015

    As mobile device manufacturers and technology providers race to bring "the next big thing" in mobile to market, advertisers can be left wondering which of these new capabilities really matters to them, and which should be used in their future campaigns. Depth perception cameras are one new development that is gradually becoming an essential feature on mobile devices. Let's take a look at where they stand today and where their potential lies.

  • How And When U.S. Consumers Use The Mobile Web in Mobile Marketing Daily on 10/02/2013

    Wednesday is sports content day? 3 a.m. is for finances? Mornings are for lean-in tasks? Analysis of mobile usage patterns suggests that media buyers should think in terms of days and hours.

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