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Hugh Reynolds

Member since December 2013Contact Hugh

  • Co-founder and CEO Swrve
  • San Francisco California
  • 94102 USA

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  • Tricks Of The Trade: 3 Steps To Getting App Users To Transact in Marketing: Entertainment on 06/05/2014

    What makes a mobile app successful? Is it a well thought out user interface? Or is it a large number of downloads? The answer to both those questions, as you've probably guessed, is "no." A mobile app is a success when it's delivering on your specific business objectives. And in many cases, that means when it is delivering revenue.

  • Making The Most Of Mobile Apps in Marketing: Entertainment on 05/01/2014

    Here's a sobering thought for anyone in the entertainment industry. In a recent survey conducted by Weve, 46% of all 18-34 year olds considered their mobile device to be their primary screen. Just 27% said that TV was actually their screen of choice. And if you think that trend is going to do anything other than accelerate in the coming years, you obviously don't have much exposure to the younger end of that demographic.

  • Three Tips For Mobile App Success in Marketing: Entertainment on 12/09/2013

    It's the holidays. That time of year when people are traveling and watching TV and movies on their devices, and heading to the theatre with family and friends for a leisurely vacation-day-at-the-movies. And it's also that time when tens of millions of smart devices are about to be unwrapped, tapped - and your mobile app taken for spin. For entertainment marketers, this is a big time of year.

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