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Tanya Shepley

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  • Embracing Nimble As A Core Marketing Strategy in Marketing: Health on 08/12/2016

    Nimble as cited by the Oxford Dictionary - quick and light in action; agile - or some of my favorite synonyms: quick, graceful, skillful, deft.

  • An All-Too-Common Question In Pharma Marketing: What Is Holding Us Back? in Marketing: Health on 06/12/2015

    A quick scan of pharma industry articles and blogs often get me excited with all the chatter of new app features, hot new social communities offering patients deeper ways to connect, or the promise of robust and actionable data we can incorporate from all of our quantified-self gadgets. With all that vigor and excitement we strive each day to deliver the best thinking for our client, embracing all these elements as we counsel and guide strategy. But all too often I see brand managers holding back, taking the wait-and-see approach, and missing opportunities to transform their category.

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