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Bill Bergman

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President & CEO of the Bergman Group, Inc., a Richmond, Virginia advertising and marketing firm. And, Instructor of Marketing at the University of Richmond Robins School of Business

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  • Get Ready To Hire The Latest Generation: Digitals in MAD on 06/30/2016

    I really miss the vibrancy, optimism, and fun-loving nature of my former Millennial students. The quieter, geekier Digitals require a very different kind of teaching style. And corporations need to start making adjustments to their recruiting and training programs as they ready themselves for this new generation.

  • Keeping Pace With The Rapid-Fire Change In Digital Marketing in MAD on 06/10/2015

    One college class project indicates that it is more of a struggle for older and smaller companies--they initially get lured into the ease of execution and quickly lose sight of the complexity of communication effectiveness and the speed at which technology advances the discipline. One of the tasks facing new and digitally savvy entrants into the workforce will be managing those above them, which requires an ability to gently help them learn. It's an important skill for those who aspire to get promoted.

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  • Aspartaming History: Pepsi, The 'Un-Woke' Cola by (Mad Blog on 04/07/2017)

    Terrific article, Barbara. What has happened to Pepsi? They once defined hip. Now they define confused and lost somewhere in the late 80s.

  • Wanna Reach Millennials? Then Keep On Emailing by Sean Hargrave (EuroMail on 07/29/2016)

    It is hard to believe that email has greater credibility than social media platforms or texting. My experience and interaction with 100 or so college students a semester doesn't support email as the medium of choice for marketers. I'm not even convinced that millennials check their email that often. 

  • Keeping Pace With The Rapid-Fire Change In Digital Marketing by Bill Bergman (MAD on 06/10/2015)

    Russel, The management challenge is to pair digital natives with seasoned brand professionals. When it happens, there is real innovative communications. Newcastle Brown Ale and Taco Bell are great examples of brands that have combined youthful digital expertise with traditional marketing MBA talent. The results have been most impressive.

  • Keeping Pace With The Rapid-Fire Change In Digital Marketing by Bill Bergman (MAD on 06/10/2015)

    Mr. Smith, my experience has been that 22-year olds have no problem adapting to constant change. Having been raised on technology, they don't know any different. They surely don't need the life-vests. It's the people they will work for that need to learn to float in a communications and media environment that is new every day, or at least, every couple of months.

  • Keeping Pace With The Rapid-Fire Change In Digital Marketing by Bill Bergman (MAD on 06/10/2015)

    Howard, you are so right about brands that don't have digital in their DNA. The challenge is how to evaluate a brand or company digital aptitude before recommending something too sophisticated. Since everyone is an expert today, it's imperative to make sure you're not offering a graduate level course to a freshman. Thanks for your nice comments.

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