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Eldaa Daily

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Eldaa Daily, Research Director, at advertising/brand communication firm, Ameritest, has over 15 years experience in market research, specializing in advertising and communications. As the in-house expert on digital advertising research, she leverages Ameritest's proprietary visual diagnostic tools to deliver actionable branded communication insights to her clients. During her tenure at Ameritest, she has completed research projects across various media for clients in industries ranging from CPG to QSR to Financial Services and Telecommunications.

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  • To Montage Or Not To Montage? in Marketing: CPG on 12/07/2016

    Advertisers have been producing montage-style commercials for decades. Ads that are scenes with different people, of different settings, or at different times, edited together in a way that conveys a brand's message to consumers. Though this format has been around for a while, it remains one of the most challenging to execute in a way that breaks through.

  • Rubber Baby YouTube Bumpers! in Marketing: CPG on 11/02/2016

    When was the last time you thought about bumpers? Car bumpers, bumper cars, bumper boats, rubber baby buggy bumpers? Been a while? Well, there's another bumper in town, and marketers have noticed.

  • Using Music To Create Gold Medal Ads in Marketing: CPG on 08/03/2016

    The Olympics are a marquee television event where advertisers put their best foot forward to engage consumers. And one of the tools Olympic marketers traditionally use to great effect is music.

  • 3 Tips For Filming Techniques To Help Your Ad's Story in Marketing: CPG on 07/06/2016

    As Orson Welles first demonstrated in Citizen Kane, the way a filmmaker shoots a scene can tell as much a story as the action in the scene itself. The intensity of a silent close-up, the suspense created by darkening a room, the uneasiness conveyed by a slightly askew camera angle - all can add drama to a piece of film, even to a 15-second commercial. But when used incorrectly, these techniques can alienate viewers, preventing an ad from getting attention. To help your story rather than hinder it, keep these three tips in mind for advertising production.

  • What CPG Marketers Can Learn From Hollywood: Understanding The Beats of Storytelling in Marketing: CPG on 06/01/2016

    For TV and movie screenwriters, the "beat" is a basic storytelling unit in which one significant thing happens. Some screenwriters will "beat-out" their story in advance, creating a moment-by-moment outline of how the plot will progress. Other writers may write early script drafts without an outline and then analyze the beats of the story as a means for editing and revision.

  • Is Your Funny Ad Worth the Risk? in Marketing: CPG on 04/06/2016

    Humor is one of the riskiest bets in advertising. Some ads win big - having humor that generates interest, brings in customers, and works longer by going viral. Some spots split the pot - entertaining the masses, but doing nothing for the brand. Then there are the big losers, whose jokes actually drive away business and damage the brand.

  • 4 Ways To Make Pre-Roll Ads Engaging in Marketing: CPG on 12/02/2015

    Take a moment to consider the differences between the TV ad experience and the online ad experience. Watching TV is associated with sitting down and kicking back. Viewers may have a phone or a beer in their hand. It's a passive experience and the ads are par for the course. In real-time viewing situations, commercial interruptions are beyond the audience's control.

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