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Jennifer Pelino

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Jennifer Pelino is Senior Vice President of Omnichannel media at IRI, based in the firm’s Chicago office. She partners with the world’s most recognizable CPG companies on their paid, owned and earned media strategies and investments. Follow Jennifer Pelino on Twitter at @JenniferJPelino.

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  • Addressable Media: Gaining Clarity On Ways To Reduce Wasted Reach in Marketing: CPG on 04/20/2016

    Balancing the P&L for a marketer is a system of checks and balances; with the biggest line item for consumer product brands being its working media. Marketers need to take every opportunity to ensure optimization of their programs to gain the maximum return on their investment. Breaking down the components of any advertising buy with focus on the target audience is the best way to drive efficiency. Optimizing media plans and reducing waste by a few percentage points allows for gains as long as the benefits are not cancelled out by a proportionate increase in media costs.

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