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Thomas Walle

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CEO & Co-founder @Unacast, the backend of proximity, powering the world’s largest proximity network to enable scalable use of proximity data for retargeting.

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  • Let's Just Agree That Location Data Is Inaccurate in Marketing Insider on 06/05/2018

    Location data sellers typically tell brands that they know that a user went to the Starbucks at 33rd and 5th in New York at 5 p.m. But, if you know how location data works, you know that it's impossible in the vast majority of cases, especially in big cities where satellite signals bounce off tall buildings, or in sprawling suburban malls with multiple levels.

  • Oh, Snap: Why An Identity Crisis Is Behind Wall Street's Biggest Flop in Digital News Daily on 11/29/2017

    When Snap revealed its third-quarter earnings on Nov. 7, there was a collective (although not entirely unexpected) groan from Wall Street. A golden child-turned-black sheep with revenue landing $30 million shy of expectation, Snap isn't so much on a slippery slope as it is plummeting toward imminent demise. But how did this happen -- and more importantly, can Snap still save itself?

  • Apple Pay Should Pair With iBeacon in AI & IoT Daily on 11/21/2016

    Over the last few years, Apple has invested in the retail industry, primarily through the launch of Apple Pay and iBeacon. In October 2014, Apple launched Apple Pay but has yet to see massive adoption. A year earlier, it was iBeacon, which is growing rapidly and our research shows that more than 8 million beacons are deployed globally. The forecast in 2021 is a massive 500 million beacons.

  • Rio Olympics Needed More Location-Based Technologies in AI & IoT Daily on 08/18/2016

    I have enjoyed watching the athletic competitions of the Rio Olympics. It is thrilling to see the world quite literally come together in one place, to share and experience so much. But I cannot help but wonder if proximity technology could have helped manage some of the games more obvious challenges: long lines and empty seats? These are problems for any venue or team. The NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB miss out on more than $1 billion in yearly revenue from unsold tickets alone. That's why already over half of all major league teams use proximity technologies to help manage lines, sell seats and engage and retarget fans away from the stadium.

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