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Nea Barman

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Nea Barman is a Director of Partnerships at Boksi and a foresight researcher.

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  • Optimizing Influencer Marketing, Social, Content Budgets In 2021 by Nea Barman (MAD on 01/14/2021)

    Thank you Bob for your comment. I appreciate it. As you might know when working in the field of marketing that the usage of the right marketing and advertising technologies is an essential part of brands to succeed in the future. The current field of marketing technology spending has grown to be more than $120 billion while the universe of tech vendors now stands at more than 8,000 companies ( To compare, The gaming industry was the same size field in 2020. I have been working +25 years within the industry helping companies and brands to succeed with help of marketing technology as well as implementing these tools and ways of working.The very key purpose of this article is to point the brands, marketers, and agencies looking for the insight, tools, and ideas to develop their business in the right direction in this $120 billion industry. Why do I believe that influencer marketing and branded content are part of the marketing mix where is still room for improvement for optimizing? Because the end of third-party cookies and programmatic advertising does not have that edge at the current situation and the whole field is desperately trying to look solution to this, as well replace the gap it will leave in their marketing effectiveness. Yes, the company where I work (Boksi) is one of the providers in this $120 billion industry, but there are certainly many others.And my key purpose is to help the reader just to look right direction. Where I come from, we have a culture of helping others, especially times like this we live on. So I am sad that you see this as a paid article (which is not) and not as I attended, to help to look right direction and to succeed again. 

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