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Tierney Wilson

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Tierney Wilson is SVP & GM, Strategy and Consulting at January Consulting, a division of January Digital. January Consulting is part of January Digital, the Digital Leadership Company. January Consulting & January Digital solve business challenges for clients through strategic digital and marketing guidance, media excellence, and actionable analytics. Between its work and culture, January Digital has been recognized more than 125 times including being a best place to work, 2023 NRF Agency of the Year, and six-time INC 5000 fastest growing company. In her role at January Consulting, Wilson is responsible for launching, leading and growing the firm’s consulting practice, which is its fastest growing revenue driver. January Consulting works with clients such as Victoria's Secret, Steve Madden, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Ahold-Delhaize, and many others to solve business challenges via digital leadership.

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  • Don't Wait to Prioritize Brand Awareness -- Act Now by Tierney Wilson (Marketing Insider on 10/20/2023)

    The reality of any marketing leader right now is that they must both drive short term wins and long term growth. It is a balancing act for sure, especially with executives who are driving to the next board meeting or earnings call.Ultimately, the key is to find a balance between the immediate need for transactional results and the long-term value of brand building. This balance should align with your organization's overall strategic goals. By demonstrating how both aspects can coexist and complement each other, you can work towards gaining the support of C-suite executives for a well-rounded marketing strategy.I've seen the below approach work well when dealing with an executive who doesn’t inherently see the value of brand marketing:  Define clear metrics upfront: Before launching any campaign, make sure you do the work of educating stakeholders on expected KPIs. If you are aligned on the KPIs prior to launching a campaign, then there shouldn’t be any surprises on what is reported on in campaign analysis. Set Realistic Timeframes: Setting realistic expectations and timelines is crucial. If your brand has primarily been performance media focused, then offer a phased approach that includes short-term sales-driven tactics alongside long-term brand-building strategies.Pilot Projects: Suggest running pilot projects or campaigns to demonstrate the potential of brand-building initiatives. These pilots can show how an improved brand image can lead to better conversion rates, customer loyalty, and ultimately, higher sales. Use these examples to garner support for ongoing brand efforts.Alignment on Customer Journey: Emphasize that the customer journey, now more than ever, involves multiple touchpoints. While transactional efforts may capture customers at the point of sale, brand awareness influences decisions made before and after that point. If all else fails, ask executives to think about their own buying behaviors…rarely are those always linear. Data-Driven Insights: Invest in data and analytics that can clearly show the relationship between brand awareness and sales – this can be in the form of internal dashboards or 3rd party measurement tools such as incrementality testing tools. Demonstrating the impact of brand awareness on new customer traffic and conversion and repeat customer rates can be a powerful way to convince C-suite members of its importance.Continuous Communication: Maintain open and regular communication with C-suite executives. Provide updates on the progress of brand-building initiatives and their potential correlation to or impact on transactional results. Flexibility and Adaptation: Be prepared to adapt strategies based on evolving market conditions and performance data. Flexibility can help meet short-term transactional goals while still maintaining a long-term brand vision.

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