Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for January 2022
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Jan. 13, 2022
Comscore Adds Voter Data To Digital Media Targeting, Can Segment 'Behaviorally'
Misinformation's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose
2021 Media Supplier of the Year: NewsGuard
The 'Persuadable' Voter Rights Media Mix Favors TV Streaming Services
FTC Can Proceed With Antitrust Claims Against Facebook
Prince Charles Writes Climate Essay For 'Newsweek,' Brand Launches Royal-Focused Podcast
News Consumption Went Down In 2021, Will It Recover For 2022 Midterms?
Interest In COVID Wanes Among TV News Viewers, Now Part Of 'Daily Life'
News Media Alliance Pushes For Crackdown On Aggregators
TV Should Try Less Commentary - From Politics To Sports
FCC Chair Wants To Tighten Data Breach Notification Rules
Twitter Fights Attempt To Unmask User Who Criticized Billionaire
Goli Sheikholeslami Named CEO Of Politico Media Group
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Jan. 6, 2022
Reporter's Notebook: Anniversary Of A Sh*tsh*w
Senator Wyden Wants 'Tough Regulations' On Facebook, Touts Proposed 'Do Not Track' Law
CARU Begins Monitoring 'Child-Directed' Ads In Digital Media, Vows To Take Action To Enforce It
Biden Renominates Bedoya To FTC And Sohn To FCC
Hurling Hate: Utah Tech Exec Sends Anti-Semitic Email
In Last-Minute Reversal, AT&T And Verizon Agree To Postpone 5G Rollout
Pilots Union Wants FCC To Delay 5G Rollout Near Airports
Apple Prevails In Battle Over 'Loot Boxes'
Facebook And Google Reportedly Face Privacy Fines In France
Marketing Politics Weekly - Monday, Jan. 3, 2022
Hundreds Of Major Brands Still Funding Election Misinformation Sites
Insurrection Inciter Who?
Twitter Permanently Bans Taylor Greene's Personal Account
Texas Presses To Enforce Law Banning Social Media 'Censorship'
Representation Of Identity Groups Underpins Media Inclusivity
Airlines Urge FCC To Put Brakes On 5G
Fox Lawsuit, Peloton Plot Bombshell, M&A And Social News Led 2021's Most-Read 'Digital News' Stories