MediaPost Weekend Editions for March 2019
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, March 30, 2019
Ad Demand Plummets 5% In February, Tough Comp With Last Year's Winter Olympics Coverage
Zenith Upgrades Global Ad Forecast, Cites Stronger-Than-Expected Internet Advertising
Disney Announces Combined Post-Fox Upfront: Includes ABC, ESPN, Freeform, FX, National Geographic
Target In, Disney Out For 2019 IAB Newfronts
A+E Networks Leans Into Star Power, President Bush, To Pitch Marketers
MRC Proposes 100% Viewable Cross-Media Ad Standard, Defers Duration Weighting Until 2021
Google Not Expected To Change Privacy Protections, Ad Tech Stocks Recover On News
HUD Investigating Google And Twitter Ad Platforms
Advertisers Press Claims Against Facebook Over 'Potential Reach' Metrics
Could Brands Afford To Boycott Facebook?
Facebook Expands Ad Library Database, Search Options
Spark Foundry Lands A Piece Of NBCU's Media Business
Grindr Prevails In Battle Over Online Harassment
D2C Brands Know They Must Get Past Creative Egos For Ads That Work
Google Chrome To Tell Users When Sites Try To Collect Data From Phones
Read It Here First: Reddit Tops $100 Million Ad Mark
Carriers Urge FCC To Let Stand Ruling That Allows Text Blocking
Days Remaining: 666
Marketing Today: DCN's Jason Kint Discusses Facebook-Google Duopoly
Ruth Reichl's Memoir Recalls Golden Age Of 'Gourmet'
Verizon, NFL Partner To Add 5G Football Game Features
KFC's Colonel To DJ At Electronic Music Festival
Don't Be So Quick To Eliminate Friction
IAB Tech Lab Tackles Changes To Browser Ad Targeting
White House Provides Enemies List To, Well, 'The Enemy Of The People'
'Built To Suck,' Taking Responsibility
How Many Stores Does A Digital Brand Need?
Google's $11 Million AdSense Settlement Gains Final Approval
MediaPost Weekend - Sunday, March 24, 2019
Client-Agency Trust Erodes, ANA Unveils New Consortium To Address It
ANA Wants Privacy Regime That Bans Some Practices, Allows Opt-Outs For Targeted Ads
ANA Launches Trust Consortium
FTC Plans To Investigate Big Tech Over Privacy
Facebook's Latest Security Breach: User Passwords Exposed To Employees
Not Facebook's Fault (This Time)
2019 'Erwin Ephron Award' Winner: Leslie Wood
USIM Stumbles Upon Single-Source Solution For Measuring Retail Traffic, Redefines Trading Zones
Worldwide Streaming Subscribers Surpass Cable Subscribers For First Time
OTA Fastest-Growing Acronym In Premium Video Advertising -- NOT OTT
Average U.S. Household Subscribes To More Than 3 Streaming Services
T-Mobile Offers Subscribers Free MLB-TV, Expands Deal With League
Matt Seiler's Excellent Adventure (After Departing Dentsu Aegis)
Who Are These People? A Third Of Americans Have No Idea
Supreme Court Orders New Look At Google Privacy Battle
Opt-In Privacy System Could Benefit Large Companies, FTC Chairman Suggests
Facebook Curbs Ad Targeting To Settle Civil Rights Lawsuits
Private Equity Firms Reportedly Begin Kantar Talks
Never Pick A Fight With A Cow That Can Milk Social Media By The Barrel
Rep. Nunes Sues Twitter And Parodists Over Mocking Tweets
Significant Rise In Digital Ad Fraud In Q4 2018
A Time Machine Documentary
Hulu Ad Revenues Forecast To Hit $1.82B In 2019
Live Snuffing
3 Media Agencies Lead The Pack In Forrester's Latest 'Wave' Report
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, March 16, 2019
Brands, Agencies Celebrate The Luck Of The Irish
How To Use Social Media In Times Of Crisis -- And How Not To
Kayak To Create Search Filter To Exclude Flights On Specific Aircraft
Court Rules Sandy Hook Victims Can Sue Remington Over Marketing
Mayor Donny Deutsch? Second-Generation Ad Man Considers New York City Bid
Dick's Sporting Goods Pulling Hunting Rifles From 125 More Stores
Say It Ain't So, Aunt Becky: 'Full House' Star In College Scandal
Fox's 'Tucker Carlson Tonight': Less Brand Advertising, More In-House Promos
P&G, The Impresario: Olay To Debut Off-Broadway Musical, Febreze Drops Album
Hard Brexit Group Show Facebook Political Ad Rules Need Work
Apple News Magazine Expected In March, Digital Newsstand To Use PDF Format
UM Wins TGI Friday's U.S. Media Assignment
FreeWheel Unveils Media Unit At Upfront, Inks Vizio Deal
Debt And D2C: What We're Learning From Kraft Heinz
New 'Twilight Zone' On CBS Streamer Is Just Weeks Away
It's a Great Country -- IF You Own It
IAB Tech Lab Releases Final Version Of App-Ads.Txt
Feds Investigate Facebook's Data-Sharing Partnerships
BK Intros $5 Per Month Coffee Subscription; Chipotle Uses Venmo Promo to Launch Rewards
Set-top Boxes May Underrepresent Minority Populations
California Privacy Law Threatens Discount Programs, ANA Says
Disposable Razor? Gillette Has A Plan To Help You Recycle It
Less Tech = Fewer Regrets
NBC News Streaming Service To Launch In May
We Vote for Brands, Too
Thank You Mr. President For Making My Life Easier
Obit: 'Adweek' Cofounder Pen Tudor, Dead At 89
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, March 9, 2019
Greenblatt Becomes Chairman, WarnerMedia Entertainment, Zucker Adds Sports To CNN Role
Amazon, Sinclair, Yankees Close To Buying YES For $3.5 Billion
The Broadcaster: Alex Trebek's Announcement Was Class Act
FCC Broadband Report Based On Faulty Data, Free Press Says
The 'Bullshit' Pulpit
Mark Penn's Stagwell In Talks To Invest In MDC Partners
Publicis Unit Unveils New Audio Ads Matching Creative To Each User's Musical Taste
On Language: Actors, Even In Commercials, Are People Too
Gillette Strikes Global Marketing Deal With Twitch
Who's On 'Unified First?' According To Google, You Will Be
Data Quality Update
FEC Urged To Finalize Online Disclaimer Rules
Report Finds Industry Salaries Well Into Six Figures
Stop & Shop Taps Havas For Media Duties
Samba TV Integrates With Google To Measure TV Tune-In
Publicis Merges Media Shops Spark Foundry, Blue 449
NBC's Prime Pod Effort Scores High Ad Metrics
Facebook Study: That's A Nice ROI You've Got There, It Would Be A Shame If Anything Happened To It
Perry's Death Casts Shadow Over '90210' Reunion
How To Be Human
Is Adland Brexit-Proof?
Google Launches Rewards Program For Each Ad Viewed
Google Brings Shoppable Ads To Image Search
YouTube Kills Comments
The War On Digital Ad Fraud Is Not Winnable -- Let's Reset The Argument
Disney+ Could Draw 160M Global Subscribers, As Company Opens Its 'Vault'
What Makes March So Mad: New Report Breaks Down NCAA Tournament By Fan/Audience Type
Facebook's Shift To Private Messaging Raises Alarm
Your Privacy Is Gone (Forever)
Netflix CMO To Step Down
MediaPost Weekend - Sunday, March 3, 2019
Billions From Universal Music Stake Likely To Fund New Round Of Vivendi Agency Deals
Local Ad Spend Forecast To Be Flat In 2019
Publicis Media Wins 2018 Net New Biz Race: +$3.201 Billion
Smollett Story Is Sad But Ultimately Unavoidable
Martha Stewart Advising Cannabis Firm On Hemp-Derived CBD Products
FTC Fine Teaches TikTok The Wrong Lesson
'New York Times' Tests Tougher Paywall
Is Advertising Obsolete?
Brave Journalists In Venezuela Reveal Journalism Is Not Dead Yet
It's Time To Make Your Voice Heard
Magna Dives Deep Into Demos: 30-Year Analysis Reveals Polarization Of Linear TV, Ad Spending Too
Comscore Revenues Up 6.2% As 'Transformation' Continues
Nielsen's Q4 Revenues Drop, Rebrands Main Business
Read: Kantar Deal Will Be Announced By The End Of Q2
Mazda Campaign To Break During NCAA Championship Game
2019 Oscars: 10% Higher Viewers, Slightly More In Ad Revenues
Former Carat Global President Swayne Takes New Global Role At DAN
2018's Most Awarded Campaign: Havas' Palau Pledge
On Network TV, Fight Against Terrorism Is Never-Ending
The Big Snore: Oscars Are A TV Show In Trouble
YouTube Disables Comments On Videos Featuring Minors, Following Advertiser Backlash
Is Your Hamburger Going To Drown My House?
Amazon's 'Buttons' Are IoT History, Replaced By Alexa
Sling TV Tripled Advertising Revenues In 2018, Credits Dynamic Ad Insertion