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Thursday, August 26, 2010
  • Webtrends Analytics, Marin Search Integrate Platforms

    Analytics firm Webtrends and paid-search tech company Marin Software have licensed and built each other's technology into their respective platforms. The move aims to ... Read the whole story

  • Wired For Information: A Brain Built To Google

    In my last Search Insider, I took you on a neurological tour that gave us a glimpse into how our brains are built to ... Read the whole story

  • 50% Off Top-20 List About Groupon and Search

    In my ongoing campaign to bring sexy back to search, I thought I'd take one of the hottest companies on the interweb and relate ... Read the whole story

  • Using Video As A Market Research Lure

    As streaming video became ubiquitous online and emerged on mobile, the format almost became an end it self rather than a medium. I am ... Read the whole story

  • Google Gmail Adds Skype-Like Call Features; Will Ad-Supported Calls Follow?

    Google will add the ability to make telephone calls to any phone in the U.S. or Canada from its popular Gmail application by integrating ... Read the whole story

  • Twitter Promoted Tweets Becomes Zecco's Branding Tool

    Zecco, an online brokerage firm, taps social media to engage existing users and gain potential customers. The company tweets about specific content and real-time ... Read the whole story