Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for November 2013
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Nov. 29, 2013
Made in America: Lucchese's Personal Content Spikes Readership
The Mobile Influence on Holiday Shopping
Not One, But Seven Landing Page Tips
Google's 1,800 Patents in 2013, But Who's Counting?
Search Narrows For Microsoft CEO
Music Pass Suggests YouTube To Launch Music Streaming Service
Social Media Also Medium To Give Thanks
AOL's Susan Lyne Explains It All
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2013
Microsoft Scroogled Campaign Turns To 'Pawn Stars'
Uptick In Online Advertising Leads To Increase In Holiday Ecommerce
Desktop Tops Mobile For Consumer Purchases, Tablets Gaining Popularity
Google Glass On Sale (For Developers)
Why Are Yahoo, YouTube And Amazon Looking Backwards?
Posterscope Gets Mobile Data For U.K. Outdoor Campaigns
ComScore: Billion-Dollar Days Ahead
Data Overload Stifling Customer Service Improvements
The Mobile Influence on Holiday Shopping
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2013
Advertisers Continue To Waste Money On Fraudulent Clicks
2014 SEM Predictions
Tablet Shipments Overtake Worldwide PC Shipments In 2014
Google's Trusted Store Ratings Appear In Paid Search, PLAs
Leveraging the Seven Basic Story Types For Video Ads
SEO For Multilingual Video Optimization
Online Holiday Sales To Hit $48.1 Billion
How Does The Product Make You Feel?
2013 Is The Year For Mobile eCommerce
Android, iOS Gain On Millennial Platform
How The Brain Filters Messages
Integral Attains MRC Accreditation For Viewability Product
37% of Online Shoppers Turn to Mobile
Hispanics More Likely to Use Digital Coupons
Does the World Clamor for Katie Couric, Global Anchorwoman?
iPhone Users Lose Privacy Lawsuit Against Apple
As Content And Conversation Become Advertising, Brands Must Have Personas
Amazon Launches Its Video Service In Japan
Google Glass On Sale (For Developers)
Target, Toys "R" Us, Amazon Draw High Mobile Capacity Shoppers
Live Streaming on AOL Is Going to Have to Wait A Bit Longer
Custom Dimensions In Universal Analytics
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Nov. 25, 2013
Motorola Inks Deal With 3D Systems On Modular Smartphone
Mobile Matures: Aims To Bring Its Behavioral Data Into the Mix
Search Marketers Plan For Black Friday Deals A Week Early
Yahoo Confirms Hiring Of Couric As Global Anchor
SEO: From Tactician To Strategist
FDA Orders Google-Backed Co. To Stop Selling DNA Tests
Live Chat Customer Service Connects SEO, Paid-Search Campaigns
Mobile Driving Season's Online Deal-Finding
Sony, Disney, Volkswagen and Samsung Lead Brand Presence In App Stores
Why You Should Be Targeting Grandparents This Holiday Season
Analytics Company Fined $400,000 For 'History-Sniffing' Techniques
Wellness, Responsibility, Empowerment On Tap For '14
Media Spend Up Across The Board
Google's Schmidt Explains How iPhone Users Can Switch To Android
Waze Tests Celebrity Voice Navigation
Yahoo Mail Haters Led By Yahoo Staff
Anticipating the Needs of the Mobile Shopper
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Nov. 22, 2013
Should Sites Block Searches For Drugs, Guns, Illegal Activities?
Google Ventures-Backed Trada Restructures For Future
The Value Of Doing Nothing
Marketers Profit When Search, Social Ad Efforts Combined
Mobile Is More Than An App - It's An Ecosystem
Agencies Want More From Facebook Mobile Ads
Fundamentally Speaking About Web Site Behavior
Bullish Signs For Digital Video In 2014, Reaching 60% Of U.S. Population
Content Marketing, Native Ads Catching On - Fast
Social: Commerce Cornerstone For Women Worldwide
Google Shopping Adds Features
Ballmer's Farewell Speech Highlights Importance Of Bing, Xbox To Microsoft
Google Jet Fuel Paid, In Part, By Taxpayer Dollars
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Nov. 21, 2013
Publishers Seeing Rise In Custom Native Ads
What It Takes To Earn Search Clicks
Google Wallet Intros Plastic MasterCard-Branded Card
Twitter Adds TV Conversation Targeting
AdBlock Plus Creates a YouTube Customizer to Get Around New Google Rules
Microsoft Sells Anti-Google Mugs, T-Shirts
Beauty Business To See Ecommerce Rise 30%
Google Chromecast Signs HBO GO
Mobile Shoppers Favor Retailer Sites Over Apps
Local Search Engine Attracting Small Cities Raises $4.3 Million
Lenovo Thinks Hyperlocal
Evolutionary Hotspots In Marketing
The Creative Collision Course: Big Data Vs. Golden Gut
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2013
Yahoo Rolls Out High-Res Image Ads
Cyber Monday And Current Search Trends
3 Reasons Why Marketers Spend Too Much Money In Search Retargeting Without Seeing Results
Marketers Rethink Data Use, Google, Dropbox Tops In Best Practices
Handy Guide to the 8 Dominant Online Video Companies
Xbox, Can You Hear Me Now?
Social Best For Reach, Exchanges For Cost, Report Shows
Rethinking SEO Link Strategies When Cleaning Up The Old
Native Ads Drive Revenue Growth, But Face Resistance
Advertisers & Viewers Need Search Engines to Break Down T/V's Garden Walls
MRC To Lift Viewability Advisory In 2014, Back Its Use As A Digital Currency
After All These Years, Why Do The App Stores Still Suck?
BDO's CMO Forecast: Tis The Season To Slash Prices
Capitalizing On Behavioral Data To Create A Better Customer Loyalty Experience
Restaurant Owner Who Lost Fight With Yelp Ordered To Pay $220,000
Scandalytics: She Talks Fast And Acts Fast - But Should She Decide Fast?
Shopkick's New Tech Alerts App Users In Stores
Smart Marketers Value More Than Orders From Holiday Season Openers
Why Apple's iBeacon Will Reinvigorate A Faltering Retail Industry With Mobile Ads
Bing Shopping Change Spotted
Viewable Impressions Standard Set To Debut By 2014
Local Search To Reach 8.6B By 2018
FTC To Host Native Ad Workshop
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013
Facebook Leads Social Sites For Holiday Shopping
Cross-Device Tracking Will Expand Mobile Advertising
Is Yahoo's Move To Encrypt Data A Precursor To Keywords Not Provided?
Rethinking Conversion Search Strategies
Conductor Releases Search API
Why SMBs Need To Invest More In Their Web Site
LinkedIn Rolls Out Showcase Pages
Digital To Drive 20% Of Local Media Ad Sales, Hit $23B In 2013
Mobile, Search And Loyalty Are A Triple Threat To Successful Marketing To Affluents
Resonate, TubeMogul Partner To Bring New Type Of Targeting To Online Video
Yahoo and Vevo Make a Deal in Europe
Do Advertisers Wait For Multiscreen Ad Metrics Or Grow Their Business Via Multiscreen Now?
Consumers Consider Phones Primary Mobile Device
Handy Guide to the 8 Dominant Online Video Companies
Moms Confirm The M-Shopping, E-Buying Ritual
Premium Drives Dating, Music Engagement, Revs
Samsung Smartwatch Sales Strong
Are Programmatic And Branding Mutually Exclusive?
Email Conversion Rates Are 3x as High as Social Media Conversions: McKinsey
Nearly All Mobile Marketers Using Location Data, Report Shows
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Nov. 18, 2013
Bing Ads Casts Broad Keyword Net, Helps Ad Targeting
How Black Friday Merges Into Cyber Monday
Programmatic Coming To A Living Room Near You
Google Retail Showrooms Support Hands-On Experiences For Ecommerce Sales
Are You Doing Enough For Mobile Moms?
Google, Microsoft Use Tech To Block Child Porn
Cyber Monday Paid-Search Tips
Black Friday Forecast: Fewer Shoppers, More Deals
How SEO Reporting Changes With Transition Away From Keywords
Google Play Music App For iOS Goes Live
BMW, Scottrade, Volkswagen Revise Sites To Comply With Privacy Code
Google Fined $17M By State Attorneys General For Safari Hack
WPP's QUISMA Absorbs Sister Shop Outrider
Larger Phone Screens Drive More Data Use
Facebook Hires Ex-Google Exec As U.S. Auto Sales Lead
Apple Buys 3D Motion Sensor Firm: Updated
Can Young Consumers Really See The Future?
What Do You See Through Your Ray Ban Glasses?
Non-Indexed File-Sharing Site Feeds On Piracy
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Nov. 15, 2013
Twitter Expands Mobile Targeting For Marketers
How Offline Auto Ads Lead To Online Searches, Research And Purchases
Three Key Metrics to Measure User Intent On Mobile Cost Per Install Campaigns
Marketers Frustrated By Data, Stress Real-Time, Quantifiable Results
5 Ways Brands Can Bring Customer Engagement Back Home
BrightTag Closes $27 Million Funding Round Led By Yahoo! Japan
Digital Ad Talent Could Be A Whole Lot Better All Around, A Survey Says
AOL Bests Google As Top Web Video Property
Shoppers Spend 22 Minutes in Stores; Some Leave in 5 Minutes
Millennials: Harder To Reach, More Impressionable
The Evolution of Content In A Big-Content World
More Healthcare Pros Use Social Media in Job Searches
Humans Back Non-Human Traffic Protection, Funds Will Be Used To Expand Data Science
Google Wins Battle With Authors Guild Over Book-Scanning Project
comScore: Where Consumers Viewed Video Ads In October
Mobile Only Users Rising
Google Map Lets Visitors Search, Track, Global Deforestation Changes
Google Invests $80 Million In Green Energy
Yahoo Japan Launches Premium Video Ad Business, Taps Videology
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