Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for December 2014
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2014
When The Buy Button Lands On Bing, Google, Yahoo Search Engines
Connexity Rolls Out Search Services To Drive Targeting Through Shopper Data
Cross-Channel Campaigns Remain Challenging For Marketers
Brands Rely Less On Visuals, Facebook Adoption Still Tops
Most Second-Screeners Don't Follow TV, Ads
IAB: Marketers Should Aim For 70% Viewability In 2015
Instagram Debuts New Features
Toyota Plays Fantasy Football With Yahoo
Nearly One In Four Research Gifts On Facebook
Search (Programmatic) Agency of the Year: The Media Kitchen
Facebook Is Dropping Bing So It Can Turn Search Queries Into Better Targeted Ads
91% of Marketers Think Retargeted Ads Are as Effective as Email: AdRoll
Facebook Face Off With YouTube For Ads Has Nuances
Why Campaign Measurement Falls Short -- And Why Automotive Industry Is Best Test Case For New Strategy
Gendered E-Shopping: Women Are Masters Of The Click
Let's Shoot For 70% Viewability In 2015, IAB Says
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Dec. 15, 2014
Industry Speculates On Facebook's Post-Bing Play, Will It Include Search?
YouTube U.S. Viewers Await Features Allowing Them To View Videos Offline, Measure Ad Performance
Cross-Channel Chatter And Building Better Stories
IDG TechNetwork Expands Programmatic Media Buying Into China
A Programmatic Future Needs Attribution As Its Trailblazer
Facebook Takes On Search, Abandons Microsoft Bing
Hipster to Hickster
Tee-Totaling Millennials, Dinner Dressed As Road Kill And Other Trends To Look For In 2015
Dutch Officials Demand Google Revise Privacy Policy
AD Club, Google Seek Young Innovators
Local Ads Propel Uptick Of Outdoor Revenue
Digital Engagement Index
Copyright Laws Prompts Google News To Close In Spain
Facebook Fighting Search Warrants In Court
Facebook And "Candy Crush" Dominate Android Downloads
Microsoft Debuts Skype Translator
The Promise Of The Visual Web
Why Do People Use Ad Blocking Tech?
Mobile Marketers - Consumers Won't Engage Until You Get Native And Stop Interrupting
Boomers Matter (More Than You Think)
Digital Marketing In 2015: Mobile, Data And RTB Hype
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Dec. 12, 2014
People-Based Targeting Takes Center Stage In A Keywordless World
Engineers Become 'The Pretty Girl At The Ball'
Why Our Brains Love TV
Adobe Acquires Stock Photo Site Fotolia For About $800 Million
Brands Are Co-Creating Their Futures With Millennials
Google To Close Engineering Office In Russia
A Programmatic Future Needs Attribution As Its Trailblazer
Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone: Digital Version
LinkedIn's New Home Page Enhances User Info
Jolly Good Is What They Say About November Spending
Ex-Yahoo Exec Conti Joins AppNexus To Run EMEA Publisher Sales
How To Bring Expectations Into Reality
AdWords Editor Features Explained
Mobile First Approach Aims to Let People Shop Everywhere
Why Do People Use Ad Blocking Tech?
Consumers Turn to Mobile While Shopping
Google Pulls Amazon App With Hidden App Store
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014
Sears Hometown, Outlet Stores Boost In-Store Sales Through Showrooming, Local, Mobile Search
Cross-Device Holiday Shoppers Are Four Times More Likely To Be Female
30% to Holiday Showroom, 45% to Search Online Before Heading to Store
Google To Close News Service In Spain
YouAppi Builds Mobile Predictive Technology To Find Loyal Customers
Parllay Launches Tools To Build The Future Interactive Content Hub, Ecommerce Site
The Agency POV On Mobile Marketing in 2015: Creativity, Attribution And Integration
Instagram Thrives, Surpasses 300 Million Users
PwC Study Shows Big Trouble For Cable, But Finds Viewers Overwhelmed
Video Viewability Rising As Marketers Turn To 'Programmatic Direct' Technologies
Teens And Online Privacy: It's More Complicated Than Marketers Think
Mindshare's Emery Named Media Lions Jury Chief, Says Everything Begins/Ends With Media
Mobile Booms In Latin America: 5 Key Trends For Marketers
Social Media Growth Leveling Off in U.S.
InPowered Guarantees Native Ad Engagement
Clarification: Sharethrough's Ad Viewability
Publicis Groupe Acquires Content Marketing Shop Relevant24
Digital Engagement Index
Commerce Company Raises $300 Million
Microsoft Appeals Judge Ruling Over Sharing User Emails Stored Outside of U.S.
Department Store Promotes Mobile Personal Shopping
50% of Papa John's Sales Come via Mobile
61% of Marketers Will Increase Email Budget in 2014
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2014
Microsoft Bing Pulse Takes On Real-Time Marketing Campaigns
Time Spent On Retail Sites Key To Building Strong Bonds Between Brands, Consumers
Predictive Modeling And Your Inbox
U.S. Share Of Global Ad Spend Falls To Less Than A Third
What Predictive Analytics Means For Marketers
'8' Reasons To Read About This New Video Platform
Big Data Is Finally Going Native
Global Ad Spend Forecast To Increase Nearly 5% In 2015
Google AdX Tops RTB Quality Index
Digital Marketers Get Mugged For a Billion Pounds - Why Aren't They More Angry?
Why Are You Ignoring Attribution?
Why Google Will Improve Existing Signals Rather Than Create New Ones
Hispanics And Millennials Growing Together as Ecommerce Shoppers
Brands Concerned By Google Viewability Study Warning
Google Hangouts Gets Smarter
Facebook's AI Team Takes Aim At Drunk Posting
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2014
Will Facebook Graph Search On Mobile Help Brands Improve Campaign Performance?
Why Google Will Improve Existing Signals Rather Than Create New Ones
Google Tops Media Revenue In First Half Of 2014
Yandex Expands Into Data Services
Reflektion Develops Visual, Personal Site Search For Ecommerce
YouTube Offers Exclusivity Bonuses To Keep Top Performers Loyal
GroupM Forecasts 2015 Global Ad Spend Growth Of 4.9% To $538 Billion
New Beaconing Approach Launching
Girl Scouts CMO Reveals How A 102-Year-Old Organization Goes Digital
Starbucks Plans to Add Beacons to New Stores
True[X]'s New Platform Touts 'Viewed' Ads, Not 'Viewable'
Increase Visibility, Downloads With App Optimization
Don't Be Afraid of Tabs or Inbox
The Quiet Growth of Mobile Payments in the World of QSR
MasterCard Turns Your Credit Card Into Mobile Device
Finding New Places For Advertising: Q&A with Rick Sirvaitis
Global Demand Pushing Digital Consumption
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Dec. 8, 2014
Microsoft Takes Torque Voice Enabled Search To Android Smartphones
Google Panda Dos And Don'ts
The Search Tipping Point In 2015
Increase Visibility, Downloads With App Optimization
Global Advertising To Grow 4.8% In 2015, According To Magna Global
Omnichannel And Integrated Planning: The Spirit (At Least) Is Willing
How To Use AdWords Scripts
Global Ad Market To Grow 5%-6% Over Next Three Years, ZenithOptimedia Predicts
Tip For Career Day: Stay Home
Google: Less Than Half Of Display Ads Are "Viewable"
Europe Seeks To Tame American Internet Giants
Marketers Need To Get The Simple Things Right, Then Ask For IT Budget
Device Downers: For Heavy Users, Mobile Is A Fun-Sucker
Improving The In-Flight Experience With Mobile
Digital Engagement Index
Pocket Avatars Use Pop Culture For Promotion
Mobile Traffic Behind 'Dark Social'
Black Friday, White Noise: Can Marketers Stand Out From The Deafening Din?
63% of Online Sales Come via PCs, 36% by Smartphones, Tablets
CMOs Just Aren't That Social. Question Is, Why?
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Dec. 5, 2014
U.S. Marketers Increase Programmatic Buys 43% During Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend
My Apps Now Learn From Me
Will Native Advertising Kill Google And The Banner Ad?
Interactive Kate Spade Ad Shows Up In Email Holiday Messages
Traffic From Long Tails
How Search Data Identifies Needs Of Cancer Patients
The New 'Co-op' Isn't Retail Ad Budgets, It's Audience Data
A Few 2015 Predictions To Get Started
Mobile Paid-Search Revenue Will Pass Desktop's Next Year
Twitter Launches Mobile Tool Answers
Google And Facebook Set To Own More Than Half Of UK Digital Display Next Year
2014 Retrospective On Marketing-to-Mom Research
Digital Engagement Index
3 Mobile Predictions For 2015
Brand Strategy For A New Generation
60% of Abandoned Shopping Cart Emails Drive Transactions: Salesforce
Why Consumers Might Be Checking Their Email Less Often
Phishing Tactics Have Gotten More Sophisticated Raising Concerns
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014
Is Google Too Late To Out-Build Microsoft's Partner Network?
Former Oracle, Cisco Execs To Help Google Rework Vendor Commissions
Yahoo Positioned To Surpass Twitter In U.S. Mobile Market Share
Steve Jobs Granted 141 Patents Since Death
More Than 56% Of Ad Impressions Are Not Seen, Google Says
Microsoft Selling Nook Stake To Barnes & Noble
Google, Mindshare Develop Real-Time Marketing Tool
Publicis Groupe's Latest Strategic Plan
'Let's Make Google Fun For Kids'
U.S. Media Companies Register Big Uptick In Global Deals
Engineering The Customer Experience
Google And Facebook Set To Own More Than Half Of UK Digital Display Next Year
Research In Review: 5 Must-Read Reports From 2014
Click-Throughs Are Dead - So Viewability Has To Get Better Than 50:50
What If We Reimagined Advertising?
Facebook At Work: Stroke Of Genius Or Act of Desperation?
58% of Mobile Shoppers Prefer Phones Over Salespeople
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2014
Bing Pulse Lets Consumers Provide Real-Time Feedback On Live Events, TV Content
Cyber Monday Sees $2 Billion In Desktop Sales
Vizion Interactive Acquires FMB Media Assets, Adds David Szetela to Team
Google Identifies Robots Through Behavior
Does Google Glass Patent Reveal Next Version?
Google Attempting Again To Get High Court Privacy Ruling Overturned
Google Trumps Apple In Streaming Media Sales
Media M&A November Value Up 40%, Digital Deals Most Active
Mozilla Bringing Firefox Browser To Apple Mobile Devices
Judge Refuses To Dismiss FTC Case Against Amazon
Barclays Beaconing at Branches
Facebook Teams With ESET To Combat Malware
How Facebook Is Expanding Its Ad Offerings
WPP's Possible Acquires Swift Collective
3 Things Your SEO Expert Should Not Say
Searching For Whimsy...And Inspiration
Location Is Mobile's Cookie - And Footfall Could Be Its Metric, Thanks To Beacons
Communicating With Affluent Generations In Today's Cross-Media World
Beacons Living in the Shadow of Mobile Holiday Shopping
Creating Great Native Ads: The 'Think, Feel, Do' Content Manifesto
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