Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for February 2016
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Feb. 29, 2016
The DNA Of A Call Through Clicks
Microsoft Ads Stir Apple Rivalry With Voice Search, Facial Recognition
YouTube Aims To Improve Copyright Violation Detection
Bing Makes Predictions, Search Wave Provides Insights Ahead Of Super Tuesday
Google Maps iOS Gains Pit Stop Feature
Fake Listings Still Plague Search Results
Verizon Emerges As Most Likely Yahoo Buyer
AT&T Sues To Block Google Fiber In Kentucky
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Feb. 26, 2016
Marco Rubio Asks American Voters To Google It
Is Taking Yahoo Private An Option?
Wikimedia's Tretikov Resigns Amid Transparency Concerns
Zappos, Arby's Leap Day Ad Campaigns Spark Creativity
How Pep Boys Uses Instagram To Deepen Customer Engagement
Baidu Browser Collects, Leaks Personal Information
Yarn Lets Email Users Send Canned Video Responses
Google AMP: Another Nail In Coffin Of Journalism?
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Feb. 25, 2016
Ecommerce Should Matter To Search Marketers
Oscar Predictions Sway On Search
Google Technology Begins To Identify Location In Images
Rakuten Acquires Manifest, Strengthens Position In Social Advertising
Agility Over Security? Gartner Predicts Future Of Marketing IT
Martell Package Becomes Google Cardboard To View Mobile 360-Degree VR Experience
Tons Of Web Traffic Without Conversions?
Microsoft To Back Apple In Court Against FBI
Quantifind Secures $30M In Funding From Data Strategy
Wearable Sales: $14 Billion This Year, $34 Billion in 2020; Wrist Worn Devices Rule
The Simplicity Imperative
Dear Online Publishers: How About An Advertiser Directory?
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016
SMBs: SEO Still Too Complicated, Costly
Google AMP Launches, Rivals Facebook Instant Articles
Google Paid-Search Ads Cost Per Click Rising
Report: Time Inc. Weighing Yahoo Merger
Tablets Lose Share Because Of Phablets
Rubicon Project Revenues Hit $248M For 2015
WordPress Supports Google's AMP Program
The Face Of Disruption
Data Democracy -- Co-Ops Help Everyone Target Like Google And Facebook
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016
The Charlie Sheen Effect On Searches
Spotify Moves To Google's Cloud Service
The Myth About Clicks, Mobile And Desktop
New Foursquare Attribution Tool Integrates With All Digital Campaigns
Dentsu Aegis Launches New Agency To Service $200 Billion B2B Sector
Searchmetrics Reorganizes Business, Appoints Patric Liebold VP EMEA
It's Not The Data, But What You Do With It
Microsoft Founder Gates Sides With F.B.I. In Apple Case
Inc. Bows Branded Job Site
Google Getting Out Of Making Financial Service Comparisons
The Face Of Disruption
Conservatives Accuse Twitter of Censorship
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Feb. 22, 2016
Microsoft, AOL Deal: Content Lessens The Load Of Ads
Google Drops Text Ads From Right Side Of Search Results Page, Agencies Weigh In
Google Moves Billions Of Dollars To Bermuda
In Data We Trust
Google, Orange Bring Search, YouTube, Google Maps To Africa, Middle East
The Solution To Ad Blocking: Make Them Curious, Not Furious
Virtual Reality: The Brightest Star In Samsung's Galaxy
NetElixir's Google AdWords Plugin Identifies Purchase Patterns
Martell Tries Out Google Cardboard VR With Cognac Packaging
Why Don't We Fight Mobile Ad Blockers By Certifying Reputable Publishers?
Google To Use City-Owned Network To Bring Fiber To Huntsville
CMOs Want To Know: Which Naked Disney Princess Are You?
Morgan Freeman Tells Waze Users Where To Go
Translating Social Holidays Into Sales
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Feb. 19, 2016
Google Allows Marketers To Test AdWords Campaigns, Determine Results
Merkle Data Shows Right-Hand Rail Ads Vanishing
Waze, Google, Facebook: The Observer Effect And Our Interconnected, Co-Created Reality
Yahoo Forms Independent Committee To Find 'Strategic' Alternatives
Match Types: Bing Ads Drive Unexpected Traffic
FCC Moves Forward With Google-Backed Plan To Unlock The Cable Box
IBM Identifies Gap In Creating Innovative Customer Experiences
Google Gmailify Emails
Keep Your Conspicuous-Consumption Hands Off My Brain
Twitter Adds GIF Button, User Numbers Fall
Google Moves Billions Of Dollars To Bermuda
Judge Approves LinkedIn's $13 Million Settlement Over Email Invites
Tim Cook's Privacy Fallacy In Apple Vs. F.B.I.
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Feb. 18, 2016
Mobile's Direct Link With Consumers Requires Change
Bing, Cortana Could Become Standard On Millions Of PCs, Mobile Devices For Military
Ditto, Tickr Partnership Tracks Metrics For Photos In Social
Merkle, Oracle Drive Cloud Services Through Digital, Direct Response
Future Of Digital Marketing Supply Chain: Serving Consumers & Marketers, NOT Intermediaries
Google CEO Voices Support For Apple Against FBI
Above The Fold And Relevancy Optimizes Viewability
Consumers Are Learning Our Secret - Their Data Has Value!
How Would You Use 90 Days Of Data In Search Analytics?
Google's 10 Smart Projects
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016
Google Ideas Rebrands As Jigsaw
Yahoo Losing Core Users On Key Properties
Big Data Blowhards Predict Information Age Will Save Planet
Google Collects Student Data, But Not For Ad Targeting
Google Makes iOS App Test Tool Open-Source
FCC Set-Top-Box Plan Creates 'Gaping Hole In Consumer Privacy,' Cable Industry Says
Google Tests Dot, Rather Than Dash, In Sitelinks
Apple Fighting Order To Help Unlock Shooter's iPhone
Google AdWords 24-hour M-F Support On Social Media
F.B.I. Wants Apple To Unlock Phone Of San Bernardino Shooter
Louisville Lawmakers Pave Way For Google Fiber
Giphy Gets $55M
Microsoft Rebrands Bing, Challenges Google
StreetEasy's New Ad Campaign Pokes Fun At NYC Living
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2016
How Google Wearable Displays Will Move Search Into The Next Phase
Yext Automates Google Search Business Data In PowerListings
Mobile Use Sinks During Beyonce, Rises During Super Bowl TV Ads
CE, Telecom, Entertainment Sectors Showing Maturity
Project Loon Begins Carrier Testing Buying Yodle For $300M
Consumers, Publishers Must Reach Agreement For Premium Content
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