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Friday, July 10, 2015
  • Sinclair Renews Affiliate Deals With CBS, CW

    CBS and The CW -- of which CBS Corp. is a co-owner -- have completed separate long-term affiliate deals with the large TV broadcast … Read the whole story

  • Netflix Use Up, Doesn't Impact Pay TV

    Netflix may have very little effect on traditional pay TV business -- at least according to a new study. In contrast to many industry … Read the whole story

  • Fox Battles TVEyes Over News Clips

    TVEyes' practice of allowing users to share and download news videos could "destabilize" the broadcast network's digital distribution efforts, Fox News argues in new … Read the whole story

  • 'Family Feud' Records Viewing Rise, Off-Net Sitcoms Hits Dip

    Twentieth Television/Debmar-Mercury's "Family Feud" continues to earn high viewing results this season. Recent weekly ratings point to a 1% increase in total average viewers … Read the whole story

  • Olbermann's Gone Again: Lessons Learned For Other Cable TV Commentators?

    No matter what you thought about him, Keith Olbermann gave an edge to all the places he worked: ESPN, MSNBC, or Current TV. But … Read the whole story

  • Simulmedia Brings TV Ad Tech To App Marketers

    TV ad tech firm Simulmedia has long -- with long being a relative term here, as the company was founded in 2009 -- emulated … Read the whole story

  • The Tour de Pants: Cosby, Jared, And Trump

    It's been a painful time for fans of Subway guy Jared Fogle, and beloved sitcom dad and sometime Jello pudding pop pusher Bill Cosby. … Read the whole story

  • There's Real Money In Those YouTube MCNs

    According to Ampere Analysis, the 100 largest YouTube multichannel networks have a collective valuation of nearly $10 billion. It says the average MCN is … Read the whole story