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Tuesday, August 23, 2016
  • Traditional U.S. Ads Slow In 2Q, Online Ad Spend Rises

    While total traditional U.S. advertising has kept pace with rising digital media advertising for the last few quarters, it had a tougher period recently. … Read the whole story

  • Clinton Spends Big On Rio Olympics

    "Hillary for America," Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's campaign, has spent some big national TV dollars recently -- on NBC's Rio Olympics. More than … Read the whole story

  • Fewer Viewers Rent TV/Movies

    The "sharing" economy has moved in a big way to entertainment and media: Fewer people are looking to buy or rent individual movies/TV programs. Read the whole story

  • Jack Link's, Chunky Soups Draft NFL Stars For New Ads

    In one of several 30- and 15-second spots from Carmichael Lynch, Sasquatch has Green Bay Packers' Clay Matthews pumping fish in a move called … Read the whole story

  • Why The GRP Must Die: And Why It Won't

    Conversely, the GRP model is breaking, thanks to the Internet and mobile and trends like cord cutting and media fragmentation. Once, advertisers could comfortably … Read the whole story

  • TV Olympics Data: Still Big -- But For How Long?

    Some Olympic viewership was down 30% at times, with TV advertisers guaranteed media deals under-delivering around 15% from 17%. Rio Games also had simultaneous … Read the whole story

  • Univision Paying Denton For Noncompete

    While Gawker founder Nick Denton has said that he intends to leave the gossip business, Univision Communications, which just acquired most of Gawker Media's … Read the whole story

  • Bannon Joins Trump To Plot Overthrow Of Washington Establishment

    The post-Manafort era has elevated former Breitbart executive director Stephen Bannon to the chairmanship of the Trump presidential campaign. An enigmatic figure who was … Read the whole story