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Tuesday, August 23, 2016
  • Traditional U.S. Ads Slow In 2Q, Online Ad Spend Rises

    While total traditional U.S. advertising has kept pace with rising digital media advertising for the last few quarters, it had a tougher period recently. ... Read the whole story

  • Clinton Spends Big On Rio Olympics

    "Hillary for America," Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's campaign, has spent some big national TV dollars recently -- on NBC's Rio Olympics. More than ... Read the whole story

  • Fewer Viewers Rent TV/Movies

    The "sharing" economy has moved in a big way to entertainment and media: Fewer people are looking to buy or rent individual movies/TV programs. Read the whole story

  • Jack Link's, Chunky Soups Draft NFL Stars For New Ads

    In one of several 30- and 15-second spots from Carmichael Lynch, Sasquatch has Green Bay Packers' Clay Matthews pumping fish in a move called ... Read the whole story

  • Why The GRP Must Die: And Why It Won't

    Conversely, the GRP model is breaking, thanks to the Internet and mobile and trends like cord cutting and media fragmentation. Once, advertisers could comfortably ... Read the whole story

  • TV Olympics Data: Still Big -- But For How Long?

    Some Olympic viewership was down 30% at times, with TV advertisers guaranteed media deals under-delivering around 15% from 17%. Rio Games also had simultaneous ... Read the whole story

  • Univision Paying Denton For Noncompete

    While Gawker founder Nick Denton has said that he intends to leave the gossip business, Univision Communications, which just acquired most of Gawker Media's ... Read the whole story

  • Bannon Joins Trump To Plot Overthrow Of Washington Establishment

    The post-Manafort era has elevated former Breitbart executive director Stephen Bannon to the chairmanship of the Trump presidential campaign. An enigmatic figure who was ... Read the whole story