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  • Can TikTok Build D2C Brands?
    Prebiotic soda Poppi became one of the fastest growing non-alcoholic beverages in the U.S. in part from mastering emerging social channels. But how did Poppi go viral on TikTok with over 48.5M views from a single post, rank #1 on Amazon search for "soda", and sell over half a million dollars of online purchases in just one day? Poppi's Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer, Allison Ellsworth, shares how leveraging TikTok became a main awareness and growth driver and how Poppi's cultural cachet was built through organic social, influencers and content creators. We will explore how D2C brands can benefit from these tactics, maneuver limited media budgets, and ultimately create a brand consumers love.
  • Rethinking The Programming Stack for Our Inevitable Metaverse Overlords
    Media companies are told that their future audience is, well, everywhere. Content needs to flow into everything from 2D forever scrolls to Metaverses, CTV episodes to TikTok/YT/IG "shorts," game worlds to gas station pumps. IGN Entertainment's VP, Publisher, John Davison, explains how one of the largest, and oldest, digital entertainment sources is rebuilding both their programming and monetization strategy around fluid audience media behaviors. How can publishers future-proof a foundation that adapts to the next TikTok, the next rideshare media network, the next ultraverse?