• Digital-Out-Of-Home Gets Smarter, Still Has Hurdles To Clear
    DOOH ad network Spafax yesterday announced a partnership with PlaceIQ that will integrate PlaceIQ's location data with the inventory on Spafax's SN: Xchange, reports Street Fight. "As media consumption habits change, and more media is consumed out of the home, the need for an advertisers to deploy a message in various places - and not just to the couch - is increasing," Patrick Bonomo, EVP at Spafax, told Street Fight. The deal signifies potential growth in DOOH, but Street Fight says there are still two hurdles DOOH needs to clear first: analytics and engagement.
  • How Publishers Should Deal With RTB
    In a recent article, Adotas explored how publishers should use RTB technologies, saying "publishers need to take back control of their high-quality impressions and sell them direct using a white-labeled programmatic guaranteed platform rather than adding them in with low-value remnant inventory to be auctioned off for low dollars." The article compares those "white-labeled" programmatic platforms to ATMs, saying that they are trusted because the bank brands them despite the technology being provided by another company.
  • "Quality Will Prevail"
    AdAge today posted "Five Fast Truths About Real-Time Marketing," starting with number one: Really Fast Doesn't Mean Really Good. Despite the current obsession with speed, "quality will prevail," writes AdAge. Other Adage truths are that real-time is about the future and that it is mobile first. The article says, "Real-time content works best in a feed, as that is typically the point of (re)sharing. One of the best side effects of being a real-time branded-content publisher is significantly improved mobile penetration-the majority of mobile-app usage is social in nature."
  • RTB Reaching 30% of Online Video Ad Sales
    Tom McMahon, president of Videology, believes that RTB will soon account for 30% of all online video ad inventory. In an 11-minute interview on Beet.TV with Rob Normal, chief digital officer, GroupM, McMahon discusses RTB as it relates to video, and the roles both buyers and sellers play in the space.
  • NYT Announces Real-Time Ad Serving Via Twitter
    The New York Times Idea Lab has launched Sparking Stories, a technology that uses what's trending on Twitter to serve ads in real-time. "Twitter is a human network that can take on the characteristics of media," said Michael Zimbalist, VP, R&D operations, The New York Times, in an interview aired on Beet.TV. Zimbalist explains how the New York Times uses Twitter's trending data to follow how certain audiences react to and share different stories on Twitter. Zimbalist says Spark Stories allows the company to study the demographics of an audience that shared a specific story in order to "activate" that …
  • Abode Announces Successful FBX Beta Run, Public Launch
    CMS Wire reports that after using the Facebook Exchange (FBX) offering through their own Adobe Media Optimizer, Adobe announced that their software is now available for public use. Adobe claims the beta period on Facebook's real-time exchange turned out promising results.
  • Will Ad Sales People Be Replaced By Algorithms?
    Last week, Adotas asked a number of industry veterans - including George John from Rocket Fuel and Paul Bowlin from SpotXchange - a burning question: "Will ad sales people eventually be replaced by the algorithm?" John told Adotas, "I kind of like our employees and customers." Ammiel Kamon, EVP, mobile & marketing, Kontera, answered the question with his own question. "If all that is needed is an algorithm, then how do we explain the large number of sales staff working at Google?" By the sounds of it, people in the industry are confident that programmatic buying won't drive humans entirely …
  • Beaumier Reveals Xaxis' Philosophy: Creating A Complete Audience Portrait
    The philosophy of WPP trading desk Xaxis is about gathering as much data as possible about advertisers' audiences -- from clients' websites, third-party suppliers, and "other sources" -- in order to create a complete audience portrait that can be targeted to, Xasis Vice President of Global Client Development Christina Beaumier tells Forrester's Joanna O'Connell in this Beet.tv interview.
  • Is Programmatic Making People Irrelevant? (Answer: No)
    That's what Adotas' Mike Daly concludes in the second part of a two-part series on the subject, noting: "The rise of programmatic simply means that salespeople will have to up-level and broaden their game. Really great salespeople work on behalf of their clients to get them what they want and need and that will never go away. Right now there is more money and more attention flowing online. This simply means that the opportunities for marketers to find and connect with consumers are only getting better and more sophisticated."
  • comScore: Programmatic Driving 'Smarter Advertising'
    Programmatic buying is contributing to "smarter advertising," according to comScore's just-released "Digital Future in Focus" report, which finds the ad industry is shifting its focus on targeting. About 144 advertisers delivered 1 billion ad impressions in the fourth quarter of 2012. The report also finds that advertisers are beginning to embrace private exchanges.
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