• Schmaeling Joins MediaMath As CFO
    Advertising Age on Thursday reported that Rich Schmaeling has joined demand-side platform (DSP) as chief financial officer, "filling a post that had been vacant since Jeannie Mun left in March to join an e-book startup."
  • AdRoll, Tapad Among Forbes' 5 'Innovative' Ad Tech Firms Worth Watching
    Forbes this week posted an article titled: “5 Innovative Ad Tech Companies You Should Know About.” Spotlighted are AdRoll, a retargeting firm; Tapad, a cross-device targeting firm; MediaMath, a demand-side platform (DSP); StartApp, a mobile ad network; and Oomph, a company that takes ads meant for print and turns them into rich media units for digital.
  • Q&A With Jelli's Parekh On 'Programmatic Radio'
    Radio Magazine Online has posted a Q&A with Jelli co-founder Jateen Parekh on the concept of programmatic radio and how ad tech could help radio win a bigger slice of the ad pie.
  • Newsy Among Publishers Using Tremor's New Real-Time Reporting Feature
    AdExchanger on Tuesday reported that ad tech firm Tremor Video has added a real-time reporting dashboard into its supply-side platform (SSP). The new technology is being used by publishers such as Scripps-owned Newsy.
  • Marketron CEO Haley On 'Programmatic Radio'
    Marketron President and CEO Jeff Haley spoke with eMarketer about programmatic radio. “The use of data in the digital space is self-validating because you can take an algorithm, apply it to the inventory that you’re trying to buy or the characteristics of that set of IP addresses you’re targeting and essentially test it to see if you were getting better performance out of that data,” Haley commented. He noted that there is no real-time bidding (RTB) on radio right now, and said that the potential for RTB is strictly tied to the “velocity to manage it.” In short, RTB in radio …
  • Omnicom's Accuen Taps Pagliuca As CEO
    Megan Pagliuca, former general manager of digital media at Merkle, has joined Omnicom Group’s trading desk Accuen as CEO, AdExchanger reports. “Pagliuca replaces Josh Jacobs, who helmed Accuen for nearly four years before leaving in March,” the article reads. Pagliuca “brings a solid ad tech pedigree to Accuen,” AdExchanger notes. “During her time at Merkle, she helped launch and develop the CRM agency’s digital media practice, leading a team of more than 100 employees and managing around $100 million in media spend. Clients under her purview included Metlife, Tiffany & Co., Nestlé, Travelers and PNC Bank.” Prior to Merkle, Pagliuca …
  • Content Delivery Service Fastly Gets $75M
    Content delivery service Fastly has raised $75 million in a Series D round led by ICONIQ Capital. “This brings Fastly’s total funding to date to $130 million,” TechCrunch reports. “The company says it will use the new funds to ‘continue to develop innovative real-time content delivery solutions for its rapidly growing customer base.’” 
  • Hackers Using RTB To Spread Latest Virus
    Trustwave Holdings has “discovered a new and improved exploit kit that hackers are using to serve up infectious ads,” reports VentureBeat.  “Hackers are buying up ads on real-time bidding platforms and embedding them with RIG 3.0, a service that determines whether a person’s computer is vulnerable and then exports a trojan virus,” the article reads. “Those with vulnerable computers don’t need to click on the malicious ad for the trojan to download, meaning that most people won’t know they’re being infected until it’s too late.” The article continues: “Because most programmatic ad platforms don’t have robust technology for distinguishing between hackers and advertisers, it’s fairly easy …
  • Data, Programmatic TV To Shine During 2016 Election
    “The incessant upfront chatter was just the beginning, as data blending and programmatic TV buying also looks to dominate the 2016 presidential campain,” writes Adweek. “[T]he primaries will also give analytics companies plenty of hands-on experience leading up to the general election,” the article adds. “Because we have a competitive primary with multiple candidates, there are going to be a lot of scenarios with actual voters voting where we can test what works or doesn't work," David Seawright, director of analytics and product innovation at Deep Root Analytics, a media analytics company, said to Adweek. "That will hopefully give us …
  • Yahoo Wants To Lean On Gemini To For 'Ad Tech Revival'
    The Wall Street Journal has posted an article noting that Yahoo is looking for “ad tech revival” via Gemni, the company’s ad-buying platform.  “Yahoo's history with advertising technology has been, to put it kindly, messy,” wrote the WSJ. “That’s why it may surprise many in the digital ad industry to hear the word some are associating with Yahoo’s custom built ad-buying platform  Yahoo Gemini: ‘promise.’”
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