• LinkedIn Testing Programmatic Targeting
    The Wall Street Journal has reported that LinkedIn "recently launched a pilot program to allow marketers to target ads across the Web" using the site's data. GroupM's Xaxis is testing the new ad product, as is Dstillery, per the WSJ.
  • Programmatic TV 'Never Going To Be One-To-One' Like In Digital
    The topic of programmatic television came up in an Adweek Q&A with Marianne Gambelli, EVP and chief investment officer at Horizon Media and former president of advertising sales at NBC.
  • Will GroupM's Open Exchange Exit Start A Trend?
    ClickZ has posted an article exploring whether or not GroupM's decision to exit open ad exchanges by the end of 2014 will "entice others to follow suit."
  • Rocket Fuel CEO John Says There's 'A Lot Of Value To Unlock' In Ad Tech
    Rocket Fuel CEO George John believes there's a lot of value left to unlock in ad tech, according to a Wall Street Journal Q&A. In the interview, John fields questions about ad fraud, what type of clients Rocket Fuel works with and whether or not "public investors really understand what ad tech is."
  • Hulu, FreeWheel Weigh In On Programmatic Video
    "Programmatic is what people want to embrace -- if it is worth the effort in terms of pay-out on the buy side and the sell side," said Peter Naylor, SVP of advertising sales for Hulu, on Wednesday at VideoNuze's Online Video Advertising Summit, according to AdExchanger. "We are happy to do preferred, guaranteed deals, on a private reserve basis. We are not talking open exchange, RTB (real-time bidding)."
  • Pros And Cons Of Programmatic TV
    Adweek has posted an article exploring the pros and cons of programmatic TV, first arguing that programmatic will take over TV, writing, "Who needs ratings when you can buy TV impressions?"
  • MediaCom AU Helps Foxtel Take Programmatic In-House
    Foxtel, an Australian TV operator, has taken programmatic trading in-house with a demand-side platform (DSP) and trading team, AdNews has reported.
  • The Relativity Of Real-Time
    In a blog posted by iMedia Connection, Bill Guild, VP of product management and marketing at ChoiceStream, writes: "Real-time is a relative term."
  • Comcast Could Shake Up 'Programmatic TV'
    AdExchanger has posted an article outlining how Comcast could "upset the programmatic TV game," calling the partnership Comcast Spotlight struck with Rubicon Project earlier this month one that "underscored the [company's] push to power the TV buy through both programmatic and direct sales channels."
  • Cadreon Australia Buying Half Of Video Ads Via 'Programmatic Direct'
    AdNews has reported that Cadreon, the trading desk of IPG Mediabrands, is buying over half of its video ads in Australia via "programmatic direct" with the help of TubeMogul, a programmatic video ad platform.
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