• Rocket Fuel Responds To Financial Times
    In response to the Financial Times' accusation that Rocket Fuel placed ads on to fraudulent Websites during a Mercedes-Benz online ad campaign, the ad tech company published a blog article on their own site. Rocket Fuel defends itself by writing: "A recent Financial Times article cites Mercedes-Benz as estimating that fewer than 6% of an online advertising campaign served by Rocket Fuel were labeled as questionable, yet the headline suggests an apocalypse of digital advertising."
  • The Fraud Problem On Video Exchanges
    A Wall Street Journal blog titled, "Rampant Fraud Raises Questions About Video Ad Exchanges" notes that online video advertising is plauged by fraudulent ads, most of which occur "when marketers buy ad space through ad exchanges."
  • Videology's Kerckhove: France Has Embraced Programmatic TV
    Beet.TV has posted a video interview with Anne de Kerckhove, managing director for EMEA at Videology, who says France is a leader in the programmatic TV market.
  • Brands, Agencies Looking For More Transparency In Programmatic
    Christian Juhl, the new global CEO of digital ad agency Essence, says brands and digital agencies are looking for programmatic ad partnerships that put an emphasis on transparency, per The Drum.
  • Marketers Need To Better Understand 'Programmatic'
    Warc has released a new report, "The Programmatic Primer," saying marketers need to gain a greater understanding of programmatic ad buying.
  • Conde Nast Expands Google Partnership To Further Programmatic Sales Approach
    Advertising Age has reported that magazine publisher Conde Nast has expanded its partnership with Google in order "to transact more of its ad sales through automated, or so-called 'programmatic' technologies."
  • Programmatic Video Marching To 'Full RTB'
    Beet.TV has posted a video featuring Marco Bertozzi, VivaKi's EMEA president of AOD. "Programmatic video is now very much marching into what I would call 'full RTB' as opposed to hybrid models," Bertozzi said. "I think premium companies are definitely moving into that space," he said, while acknowledging that the extent in which publishers are moving into the space varies.
  • Stop Saying Programmatic Is Limited
    Dax Hamman, chief product officer at Chango, wants people to stop saying programmatic is limited. In a blog post on iMedia Connection, Hamman writes that it disappoints him to hear -- usually at ad tech conferences -- that people feel capped when it comes what programmatic can do.
  • Could Yahoo Find Its Programmatic Answer In AOL?
    The Street on Friday posted an article exploring the possibilities of a Yahoo-AOL merger, noting that Yahoo could be attracted to AOL's strong programmatic presence.
  • Half Of Agencies Plan To Spend 60% Programmatically By 2015
    Forbes, citing a new AdExchanger report, has reported that "the majority of marketers are [currently] managing at least 20% of their ad spend programmatically." However, "almost two-thirds plan to spend double that much this way over the next 12 months."
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