• JellyFish To Invest In RTB Trading Desk After Loan From Barclays
    The Drum has reported that the JellyFish Group is set to invest in real-time bidding (as well as digital content and asset creation) after receiving a GBP500,000 (~$661.1k) working capital loan from Barclays. "The digital marketing company will use the loan to grow its digital offering, which will include the introduction of an RTB Display trading desk and content creation, with a particular focus on video production," The Drum wrote.
  • Keeping Up As 'Real-Time' Data Changes
    ClickZ wrote an article today asking, "Who cares about real-time data anyway?" Real-time data usage has been happening for years, but that doesn't mean it's not important today. "The point is," ClickZ wrote, "whatever the definition of real-time was a year ago, it's evolving fast. We are in an era when we can monitor, analyze, and act on the high volume, variety, and velocity of data ever more rapidly. And, those who do reap tremendous benefits."
  • Real-Time Game Marketing Platform Adds Push Notifications
    AllThingsD reported today that PlayHaven, a real-time game marketing platform, will add push notifications to its suite of offerings. "The push notifications feature will be free while it is in beta, and PlayHaven has not yet announced specific pricing details for after the beta ends," AllThingsD wrote.
  • How Publishers View Programmatic Video
    LiveRail has posted a video of a panel discussing programmatic video from the publisher's perspective. The panel moderator was Erwin Castellanos, CRO, LiveRail. Panelists included: Jarred Wilichinsky, Director of Ad Operations, CBS Interactive Leo O'Conner, VP Strategic Inventory Management, Viacom Media Networks Matt Prohaska, Programmatic Advertising Director, The New York Times Alanna Gombert, Senior Director, Yield Management, Conde Nast
  • Turn Pits Man Vs. Machine, Machine Wins
    In a company blog post, Turn revealed the results of a man vs. machine campaign optimization test. The company pitted an "expert campaign optimizer" versus the Turn Campaign Suite, and the test was done using a "recognized nationwide amusement park" brand. "The results of the manual optimization proved that manually managing data usage in a real-time environment is just not sufficient. The advertiser's chosen key performance indicators, CTR and CPC, were missed by more than 30 percent," Turn's blog post says. They also wrote that their machine was able to beat the advertiser's CTR goal by 133% and the CPC …
  • Programmatic Patience
    In an interview with Beet.TV, VivaKi's Kurt Unkel, VP of products and services, noted that the leaders in the programmatic space have been patient spenders. He said that those who understand "marketing as an investment rather than marketing as a cost" are the ones that will end up doing "amazing things." See the interview below or check it out on Beet.TV.
  • Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg: FBX Is 'Very Small'
    Business Insider reported that on the recent Facebook earnings call, Cantor Fitzgerald's Youssef Squali asked about programmatic advertising on Facebook. COO Sheryl Sandberg's response was surprising, Business Insider wrote. She said, "One thing worth noting is that FBX which is part of that programmatic selling is actually a very small part of our business and I think sometimes people don't understand that. So that piece is quite small."
  • Catch-22: More Automation Calls For More Humans
    ClickZ recently published a Q&A with Myles Younger, head of marketing and business development at Canned Banners, and the topic of programmatic media buying came up. Younger said, "it's become clear to me that 'programmatic' does not equate to 'set it and forget it.'" He pointed out what he called "a bit of a catch-22," which is that "the more automated solutions there are, the more necessary people become in making sense of it all."
  • Nine Benefits Of RTB For Buyers, Publishers, And Exchanges
    Adotas today spelled out nine benefits of real-time bidding (RTB) - three each for buyers, publishers, and exchanges. For buyers, Adotas says one benefit is the ability to increase the "effectiveness of ads by changing them quickly." For publishers, RTB allows them to "optimize floor pricing." For exchanges, the ability to "facilitate buyer and seller targeting." Check out Adotas to find out that the other six benefits are.
  • Gradient X, Shift Partner To Mix Mobile And Social Programmatic
    Forbes reported that mobile programmatic marketing platform Gradient X has partnered with social marketing platform Shift.
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