• Programmatic Growing On Mobile
    Business Insider has posted an article, which cites a BI Intelligence report, saying that programmatic ad buying on mobile is growing "incredibly fast," and that while it offers scale, its "impact is debatable."
  • WeatherFX Launches Across Europe
    The Drum has reported that WeatherFX, The Weather Channel's "weather-intelligent marketing platform," has launched across Europe.
  • Five RTM Scenarios For A Brand
    Marketing Land has posted an article naming five use case scenarios of real-time marketing, including Breaking News (such as the BP Gulf oil spill) and Customer Interaction.
  • Marketers To 'Fall In Love' With Automation In 2014
    Advertising Age today posted a video showing AOL Networks' CEO Bob Lord giving his thoughts on programmatic in 2014. He expects marketers to "fall in love" with automation in 2014, and believes 2015 is when winners and losers will be revealed.
  • China Pits Programmatic Premium Vs. RTB
    ClickZ this week posted an article exploring whether or not programmatic premium will overtake real-time bidding (RTB) in China. Programmatic premium is applying programmatic technologies to "premium" ad buys, with premium being defined by the buyers and sellers. RTB is typically associated with "remnant" -- or leftover -- ad space.
  • Ad Tech Industry 'Frustrating' Wall Street Investors
    A Seeking Alpha post writes that "the ad tech industry continues to be a frustrating and difficult place for investors," citing Millennial Media's "numerous lumps" and recent killer IPOs from the likes of Rocket Fuel.
  • Gentry: Video's Fragmentation Makes Programmatic 'Appropriate'
    Beet.TV has posted an interview with Tim Gentry, Guardian News and Media's revenue director, about programmatic and video. In the interview, Gentry calls programmatic "appropriate" for video because of fragmentation.
  • How RTB Is Changing Mobile Advertising
    Business Insider has posted an article explaining why real-time bidding (RTB) is going to "completely change" the mobile advertising equation. "Desktop programmatic buying of display is already hugely popular," the article reads. "The coming impact on mobile stands to be even more significant."
  • Turn Seeks New Funding, IPO 'Probable' In 2014
    AdExchanger has reported that Turn, a demand-side platform (DSP) and data management platform (DMP), is seeking new funding at a valuation between $650-700 million. The article also speculated on a "probable" IPO in 2014.
  • Brands Forgoing Agencies On Programmatic Buys
    Advertising Age has reported that the majority of CMOs are looking to buy programmatic ads directly and forego the use of an agency, per a CMO Club poll.
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