• MoPub Reaches $100 Mil. Revenue Run Rate
    According to TechCrunch, mobile ad exchange MoPub "reached a $100 million revenue run rate this month." Jim Payne, CEO of MoPub, also told TechCrunch that 20 percent of ads on the exchange are happening via real-time bidding (RTB).
  • Millennial Media Eyes Latin America
    Mobile ad network Millennial Media has its eyes on Latin American countries for potential acquisitions, according to Reuters. Paul Palmieri, chief executive of Millennial Media, told Reuters that the company has eyes on Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico.
  • The Case Against RTB
    Joe Mohen published an article on Ad Age this morning making the case against real-time bidding (RTB). The article, titled, "RTB Is the Most Overhyped Technology Ever," covers most of it. "Despite the rhetoric...RTB is not a suitable technology for premium advertising, nor is it position to ever become so. Any large or mid-size premium Web publisher would be out of his mind to replace his ad-sales force with programmatic," he wrote.
  • Don't Fight The Programmatic Urge
    IMedia Connection explains why you shouldn't resist programmatic buying, starting with the IDC predictions everyone has heard before (worldwide RTB spending will reach $14 billion by 2016, etc., etc.). They write, "The white-hot pace of innovation in ad technology shows no signs of slowing, and it's creating a virtuous cycle that continues to deliver ever-increasing business benefits to both the buy side and the sell side. And that's good for everyone."
  • Foursquare, Gnip Partner
    The Next Web has reported that Foursquare and Gnip have partnered, allowing Foursquare's check-in data to be distributed to Gnip's clients. "Foursquare is giving Gnip a real-time feed of the places where its users are checking in, which will naturally be anonymized for privacy purposes," The Next Web wrote.
  • Real-Time Videos On Twitter
    TechCrunch reported yesterday that Twitter has announced Twitter Amplify, "a way of bringing real-time video into the site, with initial partners including the broadcasters BBC America, FOX, Fuse and The Weather Channel."
  • SAP Commits Additional $250 Mil. To Real-Time Fund
    Venture Beat has reported that SAP has committed an additional $250 million to its high-performance analytics appliance (HANA) "Real Time Fund." The pool of money has jumped from $155 million to $405 million. Venture Beat wrote that the fund is meant to "support innovating surrounding real-time applications and big data."
  • 'Tricks Don't Work In Social'
    At IAB's recent Social Media Agency Day, one of the panels was titled, "Social: Planning for the Real Time." Among the panelists were Patrick Albano, VP of sales, Yahoo Sports; Marla Newman, SVP of sales, Fox Sports Digital; and Jonathan Perelman, VP of agency strategy and industry development, BuzzFeed. IAB has rounded up a synopsis of the panelists' thoughts on real-time sports marketing via social media, which ultimately blended in with real-time marketing in general.
  • The Telegraph's Izlan: RTB Offers More Control
    Rubicon Project today release a Q&A with Lara Izlan, head of programmatic trading and yield optimization at The Telegraph. The Telegraph operates on a private marketplace, and Izlan said that the company has been trading programmatically since January 2012. When asked about the company making the switch to RTB, Izlan answered, "In addition to recognising that performance spends were quickly migrating to RTB, we felt that using an RTB platform afforded us more control over whom we sell our non-guaranteed inventory to and at what minimum prices."
  • Why Brands Need A DSP
    The Drum reported that at the IAB Mobile Engage conference, Emmett Geany, business development director, Adfonic, said, "Knowing what doesn't work is more important that knowing what is working and that's why brands need a Demand Side Platform (DSP)." Geany also shed light on the benefits of real-time bidding in conjunction with DSPs.
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