• Twitter Sheds Light On Its Thoughts Of RTB's Future
    Business Insider on Wednesday posted an article commenting on a post Twitter's direct of product, Ameet Ranadive, wrote on Medium. In that post, Ranadive wrote, "The way that RTB retargeting will initially develop on mobile will be via driving users to perform in-app conversions, on apps that they have already downloaded to their smartphone."
  • Is RTB Ending Mobile Performance Advertising?
    VentureBeat this week posted an article saying that real-time bidding (RTB) is ending the "golden days" of mobile performance advertising.
  • Forget What You Know About RTM
    A blog post at Evergage.com today used Google Trends to turn back the clock and see when terms like "real-time marketing," "real-time analytics," and others truly came onto the scene (as long as it wasn't before 2004, which is as far back as Google Trends can go).
  • Programmatic Is About Freeing Humans, Not Replacing Them
    The Huffington Post today posted an article written by Beet.TV's Andy Plesser. The article reads, "Many folks compare the effect of programmatic with how automated stock trading wiped human traders off the floors of Wall Street, expecting a similar wave of automation on Madison Avenue." However, Will Pate, digital VP of Interpublic's Canadian agency M2, told Beet.TV in an interview that programmatic is not about replacing humans with machines and is instead about freeing people up to spend more time on "strategic planning" and the reporting side of things.
  • LifeStreet Enter Mobile RTB With RevJet Platform
    VentureBeat recently reported that ad technology firm LifeStreet Media has moved into real-time bidding (RTB) of mobile inventory with its RevJet platform. LifeStreet's platform lets advertisers "quickly test out different types of ads," per VentureBeat, and it will now also allow for mobile ad space to be bought via RTB.
  • Native, RTB Set To Converge?
    An article published on Advertising Age this morning says that real-time bidding (RTB) is ready for native. "Native ads and the high-volume world of RTB are on course to come together, with the most difficult hurdle, the technological one, all but cleared thanks to the introduction of Facebook's FBX exchange ads," the article reads.
  • Don't Be Scared Of Real-Time Marketing
    Say Media today posted an article in Say Daily titled, "Real-Time Marketing Doesn't Have to Be Scary." The article says that real-time marketing is "here to stay," and that brands need a "solid brand strategy and good old-fashioned marketing discipline" to succeed in real-time marketing efforts.
  • MoPub Could Quintuple Revenue In 2013
    "According to Twitter's latest S1, MoPub's revenue in the first half of 2013 is $6.5 million, more than double the $2.7 million the company generated in all of 2012. That would put the company on pace to nearly quintuple its revenue for the year," The Wall Street Journal has reported.
  • RTB Changing The Mobile Ad Industry
    VentureBeat on Saturday posted an article saying that real-time bidding (RTB) is "revolutionizing" mobile advertising whether the industry is ready or not. "There's no question about it: buying on real-time bidding (RTB), also known as programmatic bidding, is shaping up to represent the future of the mobile ad marketplace," the article reads.
  • RTB Display Ad Spend To Reach $20.8 Billion By 2017
    The Drum has reported that the real-time bidding (RTB) display ad industry could grow to $20.8 billion by 2017. The Drum cites a study conducted by IDC and commissioned by PubMatic.
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