• Reduce Data To White Label Real-Time Analytics Platform For Agencies
    Techcircle.in has reported that Reduce Data, a real-time ad analytics platform, has launched a white label version of its platform that will allow ad agencies to create their own platforms.
  • DataXu To File For IPO
    Business Insider reported that DataXu CEO Mike Baker has confirmed he will file for an IPO. "An IPO is a matter of time - and timing - he says," Business Insider wrote.
  • Bringing Big Data To Paid Search
    Search Engine Watch has posted an article calling paid search Big Data marketing's "next frontier."
  • Xaxis, 24/7 Merger Quadruples Impressions On Platform
    Beet.TV has posted an interview with Brian Gleason, MD North America, in which Gleason gives additional insight into how much larger Xaxis becomes as a result of the recent merger with 24/7 Media. When the merger was first announced, the new Xaxis claimed it would manage 2 trillion global impressions, equating to $750 million per year. The 24/7 Media unit Xaxis absorbed had over 500 employees and 240 engineers.
  • What RTB Questions To Ask Your Agency
    Econsultancy has posted an article listing "10 questions to ask your prospective real-time bidding (RTB) agency," with agency meaning traditional advertising agency.
  • Apple To Build RTB Exchange For In-App Ads
    Adweek has reported that Apple is building a real-time bidding (RTB) exchange for the trading of in-app ads. "A source familiar with iAds said Apple has kept its real-time initiative under close wraps and is 'not casting a wide net,'" Adweek wrote.
  • Capital One's Real-Time Marketing, Offline Sponsorship Combo Paying Off
    Warc has reported that Capital One's combination of real-time marketing and offline sponsorships has led to "considerable success." Of note were Capital One's real-time marketing efforts that took place way back in March -- during the NCAA "March Madness" tournament. Capital One is an official partner of the NCAA..
  • Brands Taking Advantage Of FBX TV-Synched Offering
    Digital Market Asia has reported that early results of a Facebook Exchange (FBX) partnership with Optimal -- which enabled brands to purchase FBX inventory in sync with TV commercials -- are positive.
  • How RTB Is Progressing In Latin America
    Portada Online has posted a Q&A with Mariano Tesler, CEO of MetaNetworks, on programmatic buying and real-time bidding (RTB) in the U.S. Hispanic and Latin America markets. He says it is a challenge to promote the technologies in the markets.
  • Google's VanDerzee On Programmatic, Online Video
    Beet.TV interviewed Jay VanDerzee, media platform sales head at Google, about what Google has been doing in the real-time bidding (RTB) space. VanDerzee says Google has been in the programmatic business for "quite some time" on both the buy- and sell-sides.
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