Microsoft Uses Web Vid To Market IE8

  • March 20, 2009
Microsoft is marketing the latest version of its Internet browser--Internet Explorer 8--with a Web video in which comedians and celebrities discussing the evolution of the Internet.

The video, developed by Bradley and Montgomery (the same agency that created Microsoft's Mojave Experiment to showcase Vista) depicts notables such as comedian Janeane Garafolo and Obama Girl discussing things such as screeching modems, recounting viral video hits (like Hamster Dance) and making friends on social networking sites.

"Internet Explorer has always been the 'window to the web' and it's getting even better with Internet Explorer 8. It's a great time to look back and see how much the Web has changed as we get ready for what comes next," said Ben Carlson, the agency's chief strategy officer, in a statement.--Aaron Baar

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