Chick-fil-A Calendar Spoofs 'Cow Literature'

  • October 29, 2009
The cow-themed Chick-fil-A calendar for 2010 features cows enacting scenes from rewritten versions of 12 classic novels.

The brand's famous "Eat Mor Chikin" cows "have claimed creative license and written their own anti-beef-eating adaptations of famous works of literature to discourage burger-eating throughout the country," explains the chain's press release.

Examples include "Ali Babacue" narrowly escaping the carving knives of the "40 chefs;" "Porter Pan," who avoids becoming a veal steak while remaining a young calf forever; and Steerlock Holmes, on the hunt for notorious butcher "Jack the Flipper." Scenes from "Salisbury in Wonderland," "The Three Brisketeers" and "A Christmas Cowbell" are also included.

Now in its 13th edition, the Cow Calendar includes monthly coupons for free Chick-fil-A food and beverage items. It can be purchased for $6 plus tax at the chain's participating restaurants through early January, or while supplies last, and online at Lukovitz



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