comScore Media Metrix Launches Reach/Frequency Analysis System

During a panel discussion at Tuesday's IAB Advertisers Forum in NYC, Mediasmith CEO David Smith said that deciding what percentage advertisers should spend on the Internet is a classic media planning problem and the tools are already there to help them in solving it. Adding to that arsenal of tools is comScore Media Metrix's latest release.

Campaign Reach/Frequency, which is available through comScore's easy-to-use MyMetrix interface as of yesterday, is the first and only campaign-level R/F tool to be fully integrated with an industry-leading audience measurement service.

The Campaign Reach/Frequency interface, which was designed by media planners for media planners, provides estimates of overall campaign reach, frequency and GRP delivery based on user-defined campaign duration, impression goals and CPMs. Campaign Reach/Frequency allows users to set actual flight duration with no limitations on campaign length, and assign total impressions and CPMs for each site. Through the use of comScore's database of home, work and university Internet users, Campaign Reach/Frequency also allows users to measure reach and frequency among users at each computer location or across all locations. In addition, the tool delivers R/F metrics for the full comScore Media Metrix Client Focus reporting hierarchy (e.g., properties, media titles, channels, and sub-channels).

"comScore's new reach/frequency tool is a major step forward for the online advertising industry," said Roni Jenkins, director of communications strategy for digital@jwt, the digital branding and e-business arm of J. Walter Thompson. "By using an R/F tool based on audience measurement data, the industry will finally be able to quantify the true value of online media using the same metrics employed in the traditional media world."

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