Making Content Work

Yes, when it comes to marketing, content is king. When it comes to marketing to moms, content is King Kong. But, you don’t have to be a professional writer or content creator in order to benefit from the success of content marketing efforts. Here are some things I believe make content work for today’s moms along with a quick tip for what you can do now to enhance your brand’s content marketing efforts. 

Think Lifestyle over Product: Moms are not just buying a product or service they are buying a lifestyle.  Share information that can be useful in their lives such as healthy eating tips alongside your personal training schedules and videos.

Quick Do: Look at your current content marketing efforts — are you solving a problem? If not, what changes can you make?

Video Is Content:  Those great how-to videos and tutorials are content and video is some of the best content you can create.   Think of ways to incorporate video into your site and social media networks.  Checkout 30 Second Mom for some great ideas on videos that work for moms.



Quick Do: When promoting a new product or service, create a quick video “how-to” or “tutorial” to add to your site and/or social networks. 

And, Images Are Content:  Don't skimp on the images you use.  Pay attention to the images you choose and make sure they truly reflect your audience. The Lean In Collection from Getty Images has more realistic pictures of today’s women and moms. 

Quick Do: Visit your website and see if the images you are using truly reflect the look and feel of your brand IRL (In Real Life). If budget is tight, consider using images of real customers for your marketing (with their permission, of course). 

Let Moms Connect:  Give moms the opportunity to connect via your networks and your content.  In addition to adding social media elements, give moms the opportunity to post their own content to your networks, such as a shared Pinterest board. 

Quick Do: What avenues do you have for moms to connect to one another? Consider adding a blog to your website for continued conversations.

Inspire Mom:  Moms love to see other moms succeed.  Share stories of other moms that will inspire and empower all moms to live their very best lives. 

Quick Do: Do you have a customer that has had success with using your product or service? Highlight their story in your store, website, etc. 

Would love to hear from all of you on the content that works for your customers.

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