Copywriter Launches 'Help Kenya Not Kanye' - Which Transforms Kanye's Idiotic Antics Into Something Worthwhile

I mean really. What the hell is up with Kanye? The dude is insane. First he rudely interrupts Taylor Swift’s moment in the spotlight. Then he decides to run for President in 2020. Now he claims to be $53 million in debt and has reached out to a few billionaires to, you know, help him make ends meet. He even went so far as to suggest he is more deserving of the money than the children of Africa.  

Well, in reaction to this idiocy, Alma DDB Copywriter Gabriel Ferrer has launched HelpKenyaNotKanye, an effort to transform Kanye's idiocy to a worthwhile cause. On the site, Ferrer outlines how contributions to Kenya, instead of to Kanye, could have a wonderfully positive effect. He notes that the cost of a pair of Yeezy Boosts, which retail at $200, could instead purchase a UNICEF School-In-A-Box for a teacher and 40 students for 3 months. 

For the price of a Kanye album ($13), 10 rapid HIV tests kits could be provided to 10 expectant mothers. The cost of a $700 Yeezy sweatshirt could, instead, feed an entire school of malnourished Kenyan orphans and their 10 teachers for a month. For the cost of a one month subscription ($25) to Tidal (where Kanye's new album was released exclusively), clean drinking water could be provided to a Kenyan for an entire year. 



Of his decision to launch HelpKenyaNotKanye, Ferrer said: "Kanye West has been making a fool of himself more than usual. As a huge fan of his work, it became hard to defend him. I woke up one morning thinking that maybe I shouldn’t. Maybe I should intercept the conversation for a good cause. I really don’t mean Kanye any disrespect. On the contrary, I hope he comes to his senses and keeps making amazing music." 

The HelpKenyaNotKanye site links over to Kenya Aid where donations can be made. It certainly sounds like a much better idea than supporting Kanye, who is increasingly becoming an irrelevant buffoon.

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  1. George Parker from Parker Consultants, February 24, 2016 at 8:21 p.m.

    Kudos to Gabriel... I rip douchenozzle Kanye a new one on AdScam on Thursday.
    Cheers/George"AdScam" Parker

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