MailChimp Updates Help Marketers Create Email Campaigns While On The Go

MailChimp released two product updates on Tuesday -- mobile campaign creation and promo codes -- designed to help marketers send email promotions while away from their computer.

Mobile campaign creation adds an email development tool to MailChimp’s mobile applications for marketing automation, available on both iOS and Android. The marketing company has streamlined the campaign development process in its mobile apps to make it easier for MailChimp users to create and send email marketing campaigns while on the go.  

MailChimp has provided a series of intent-based email templates that marketers can use to develop their campaigns, and the company helps guide marketers by providing recommendations for what types of content should be included in any given campaign. Retailers can easily include visuals in the email campaign, such as their company’s logo and product imagery, all from their smartphone.



Additional product features include a mobile dashboard with sales and metrics details, accessible from a mobile device.  

MailChimp has also streamlined the promotion code process, enabling users to add promo codes generated in their stores to email campaigns. MailChimp users can also combine promo codes with marketing automation workflows to trigger promotions based on specific customer actions and behaviors.

The new promo codes feature is currently available to all MailChimp retailers with a connected shop on either Shopify or BigCommerce. Additional product features include customizations so that the promo code blocks can be styled to match users’ brands, as well as campaign performance analytics.  

MailChimp has been steadily churning out product updates over the past calendar year, and is currently transitioning from an email service into a multichannel marketing platform for small-to medium-sized businesses. The company recently released a PrestaShop integration, as well as an Instagram advertising feature.


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