Google Cloud Expands 'New York Times' Ad Campaign

Earlier this month, The New York Times revealed it would use Google Cloud technology to digitize its behemoth collection of photographs and clippings, some dating back to the late 19th century. 

The collection includes millions of photographs and tens of millions of historical news clippings, microfilm records and other archival material located three levels below ground near the publisher’s New York headquarters. 

Up till now, the archives existed in a place commonly referred to as “the morgue,” unavailable for use by the publisher’s editorial staff or the public. 

As part of the collaboration, Google Cloud released two ad campaigns about the collaboration, including a four-minute-long video that demonstrated how the news publisher could use Google’s latest technology to analyze and digitally archive the images. 

Now, according to a story in Ad Age, Google Cloud is expanding its advertising for a third campaign to include out-of-home, digital video and print to promote its work with The Times and also give businesses a better idea of the services it offers, which include the ability to collect and analyze large amounts of data.

Alison Wagonfeld, vice president of marketing at Google Cloud, stated in Ad Age: "A lot of what we are focusing on Google Cloud is helping build awareness about what we can do for businesses and we want to do that in ways that is relatable to the broader population… We… more generally want to be marketing to business leaders and people in companies who want to use Google Cloud to solve technology problems."

In addition to its latest campaign, Google is set to promote an interactive microsite that demonstrates how the Cloud uses AR technology to allow consumers to learn more about the scanned and saved images from The Times

Google Cloud noted in the story that since the release of its Times video, potential clients across oil, gas and transportation have contacted the company to pursue similar projects. 

Google reported in its most recent earnings report that “other revenue,” which includes businesses like Cloud, was up 29% since last year and that Google Cloud had led to much of that increase.

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