Report: Comms Leaders Worry About Geopolitics, Polarization, Misinformation

Geopolitics has been a growing concern for marketers and agencies in recent years—concerns that were exacerbated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine two years ago and more recently by the Israeli-Hamas war and related strife in the Middle East.  

Those concerns are seen as at least partly responsible for ad spending cutbacks by some companies in 2023. 

Now a study by Stagwell’s Harris Poll and communications trade association Page identifies geopolitics as the top risk to business in 2024.   



In a survey of Chief Communications Officers across North America, Europe and the Middle East 45% of those polled cited international conflicts and elections as “the paramount critical risk demanding businesses’ attention in 2024.”   

32% expressed concerns about political polarization while 14% cited misinformation (or disinformation) and employee issues as areas of concern.  

A separate global survey of 11,000 consumers focused on perceptions about confidence in businesses, with 80% saying it is crucial for companies to address seven issues in the year ahead. They include economic growth, job creation or skill development, environmental concerns, corruption, mental health, income inequality and trust in key societal institutions.  

Economic growth, job creation and workplace skills development garnered the highest public confidence (60%) compared with issues like corruption (50%).  

Environmental issues (59%) and mental health (56%) are viewed as the top business opportunities, suggesting potential areas for businesses to focus their efforts and build public trust. 

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