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IHOP Launches Girl Scout Thin Mint Pancakes

It's that annual time of the year again that can immediately add 10 lbs. to your waistline, right before summer swimsuit season. It’s Girl Scout Cookie season!

Or as many may call it, “Thin Mint Season.” Because, really, Thin Mints are everyone’s favorite (accounting for more than 25% of cookies sold).

IHOP has announced the Girl Scout Thin Mints Pancakes will be the chain’s Pancake of the Month, available Mar. 1 through Mar. 31, The Thin Mint cakes can be ordered as a full stack of four pancakes, as a side item or as part of a combo.

The minty pancake stack includes green buttermilk pancakes topped with cheesecake mousse, Girl Scout Thin Mints pieces and whipped topping.

IHOP began the Pancake of the Month program last month with the Chocolate Strawberry Flavor for Valentine’s Day. As customer incentive to try each month’s new stack, the chain issues challenges within its loyalty app, the “International Bank of Pancakes.”



For example, if customers order the Pancake of the Month two or more times in the same month, they will earn 10 “PanCoins.” If they order the Pancake of the Month once a month for an entire year, they will receive 100 bonus PanCoins, which can equate to 33 Short Stacks, 20 Full Stacks or 12 free kids’ meals.

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