Fortune Teams Up With Accenture On New Gen-AI Research Tool

Fortune is working with Accenture to creative a generative AI-driven product called Fortune Analytics. 

The announcement was made by incoming CEO Anastasia Nyrkovskaya during Fortune’s new Fortune Brainstorm AI in London. 

Fortune Analytics will launch in beta by June 4, around the time of Fortune’s 70th Fortune 500 list. 

The new product will serve as a research tool, providing GPT-style natural language responses, the company claims. It will be trained on Fortune’s editorial coverage over decades and over 20 years of the Fortune 1000 and Global 500 rankings.

"We believe this new custom built and trained product – trained on years of financial data and our trusted and incredible business journalism – can transform how people view and use our iconic Fortune lists and rankings,” Nyrkovskaya says. 

She adds, “It will be an easy to use, intuitive product that is valuable to anyone who wants to analyze and better understand companies, industries, trends, and the world of business."



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